Thirteenth International Seaweed Symposium : proceedings of the Thirteenth International Seaweed Symposium held in Vancouver, Canada, August 13-18, 1989

edited by Sandra C. Lindstrom and Paul W. Gabrielson

Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Seaweed Symposium held in Vancouver, Canada, August 13-18, 1989

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  • One: Plenary Lectures.- Seaweeds, then and now.- Seaweeds and biotechnology - inseparable companions.- Two: Minisymposia.- Population and community effects of seaweed harvesting.- An approach to determining the ecological effects of seaweed harvesting a summary.- Ecological impact of marine plant harvesting in the northwest Atlantic: a review.- The harvesting of macroalgae in New Zealand.- Ecological effects of seaweed harvesting in the Gulf of California and Pacific Ocean off Baja California and California.- Ecological effects of harvesting Lessonia (Laminariales, Phaeophyta) in central Chile.- Functional seaweed morphology and relation to seaweed productivity.- Productivity and nutrient relationships in psammophytic versus epilithic forms of Bryopsidales (Chlorophyta): comparisons based on a short-term physiological assay.- Form variation and productivity of an intertidal foliose Gigartina species (Rhodophyta) in relation to wave exposure.- A form-function analysis of photon capture for seaweeds.- Application of the functional-form model to the culture of seaweeds.- Advances in North Americanseaweed culture.- The use of Gracilaria tikvahiae (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta) as a model system to understand the nitrogen nutrition of cultured seaweeds.- Nori cultivation in North America: growth of the industry.- Antiviral carbohydrates from marine red algae.- Taxonomy of economically important seaweeds.- Restriction enzyme analysis of variation and taxonomy in the kelp genus Laminaria (Laminariales, Phaeophyta).- Recent approaches to the taxonomy of the Gracilariaceae (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta) and the Gracilaria verrucosa problem.- Taxonomy of phyllophoroid algae: the implications of life history.- New and old problems in the taxonomy of the Gelidiales (Rhodophyta).- Protoplast and tissue culture: application to the seaweed industry.- The effects of the physical characteristics of the culture medium on the development of red seaweeds in tissue culture.- Production of bioflavor by regeneration from protoplasts of Ulva pertusa (Ulvales, Chlorophyta).- Parasexual fusion products in green algae: Enteromorpha and Ulvaria (Ulvales, Chlorophyta).- Protoplast isolation and fusion in Porphyra (Bangiales, Rhodophyta).- Three: Contributed Papers and Posters.- Taxonomy.- Variation in nucler DNA base composition (mol% G + C) in three orders of marine green algae.- Diagnoses and key to the genera of the Gracilariaceae (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta).- An evaluation of species relationships in the Porphyra perforata complex (Bangiales, Rhodophyta) using starch gel electrophoresis.- Ecology.- Ecological aspects of Sargassum muticum (Fucales, Phaeophyta) in Baja California, Mexico: reproductive phenology and epiphytes.- A simulation model for an Iridaea splendens (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta) population in Vancouver, Canada.- Effects of acid wastes from titanium dioxide production on biomass and species richness of benthic algae.- Competitive interactions between Fucus spiralis L. and F. vesiculosus L. (Fucales, Phaeophyta).- Canopy characteristics of the brown alga Sargassum muticum (Fucales, Phaeophyta) in Lake Grevelingen, southwest Netherlands.- Viability and dissemination of spermatia of Gracilaria verrucosa (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta).- Growth and size distribution of some large brown algae in Ohori, east coast of Korea.- Abundance changes in Laminaria setchellii and Pterygophora californica (Laminariales, Phaeophyta) near the Diablo Canyon Power Plant.- Relation between size and age of holdfasts in Ecklonia stolonifera Okamura (Laminariales, Phaeophyta) in northern Honshu, Japan.- Relationship between cover of Chondrus crispus (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta) and Phymatolithon (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) on friable rock substrata.- Seasonal growth, density, reproductive phenology and agar quality of Gracilaria sordida (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta) at Mokomoko Inlet, New Zealand.- Annual growth rate of the calcareous red alga Lithothamnion corallioides (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) in the Bay of Brest, France.- Planktonic bloom of an introduced species of Polysiphonia (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) along the coast of North Carolina, USA.- Settlement of seaweeds on coastal structures.- Resources.- Economically important seaweeds in Mar Piccolo, Taranto (southern Italy): a survey.- Current state of seaweed resources in Spain.- Utilized and potentially utilizable seaweeds on the Namibian coast: biogeography and accessibility.- European bioconversion projects and realizations for macroalgal biomass: Saint-Cast-Le-Guildo (France) experiment.- Resources and possibilities for exploitation of North Adriatic seaweeds.- Annual net primary production calculated from eastern Canadian Irish moss fishery data.- Saldanha Bay, South Africa: recovery of Gracilaria verrucosa (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta).- Seasonality of standing crop of a Sargassum (Fucales, Phaeophyta) bed in Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines.- Seaweeds of potential economic importance in Kenya: field survey and future prospects.- Cultivation, tissue culture and strain selection.- Cultivation of Gracilaria verrucosa (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta) Strain G-16 for agar.- Some effects of plant growth regulators on tissue cultures of the marine red alga Agardhiella subulata (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta).- Culture and growth of Lessonia trabeculata (Phaeophyta, Laminariales) juvenile sporophytes in La Herradura de Guayacan Bay, northern Chile.- A model of seaweed growth in an outdoor culture in Israel.- Callus formation in Ecklonia cava Kjellman (Laminariales, Phaeophyta).- Growth, photosynthesis and agar in wild-type strains of Gracilaria verrucosa and G. conferta (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta), as a strain selection experiment.- Isolation and genetic characterization of self-sterile mutants in a monoecious red alga Gelidium vagum (Gelidiales, Rhodophyta).- Estimation of the degree of self-fertilization in Porphyra yezoensis (Bangiales, Rhodophyta).- The mass culture of Dunaliella viridis (Volvocales, Chlorophyta) for oxygenated carotenoids : laboratory and pilot plant studies.- Digestion of seaweeds by the marine amoeba Trichosphaerium.- Evaluation of dye-based assay for mannuronan 5?-epimerase.- Field and culture studies of species of Gelidium (Gelidiales, Rhodophyta) from their northern limit of distribution in Europe.- Notes on the life histories of Boergesenia and Valonia (Siphonocladales, Chlorophyta).- Recent progress in the use of processed microalgae in aquaculture.- Cultivation of Macrocystis integrifolia (Laminariales, Phaeophyta) in southeastern Alaskan waters.- Conchospore production and seasonal occurrence of some Porphyra species (Bangiales, Rhodophyta) in Washington State.- The life cycle of Laminaria abyssalis (Laminariales, Phaeophyta) in culture.- Physiology.- Ammonium uptake by Chondrus crispus Stackhouse (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta) in culture.- Comparative photosynthetic studies of Ecklonia cava (Laminariales, Phaeophyta) bladelets with and without zoosporangial sori.- Physiological responses of Pterocladia and Gelidium (Gelidiales, Rhodophyta) from the Azores, Portugal.- Toxicity of sewage-contaminated sediment cores to Macrocystis pyrifera (Laminariales, Phaeophyta) gametophytes determined by digital image analysis.- Activities of Corallina (Corallinales) and other Rhodophyta polymers in the modulation of calcification.- Effect of ammonium on growth and carrageenan content in Kappaphycus alvarezii (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta).- Growth and reproductive responses of Laminaria longicruris (Laminariales, Phaeophyta) to nutrient enrichment.- Chemical composition.- Content of arachidonic and eicosapentaenoic acids in polar lipids from Gracilaria (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta).- The farmed Eucheuma species (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta) in Danajon Reef, Philippines: car-rageenan properties.- Determination of the composition of the fibrillar part of Gracilaria verrucosa (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta) cell wall in order to prepare protoplasts.- Influence of tissue source and growth rates on dry weight and carrageenan composition of Chondrus crispus (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta).- Preliminary approach to the characterization and seasonal variation of carrageenans from four Rhodophyceae on the Normandy coast (France).- Agars from Gelidium rex (Gelidiales, Rhodophyta).- Studies on the yield and gel strength of agar from Gracilaria domingensis Sonder ex Kuetzing (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta) following the addition of calcium.- The effect of a liquid seaweed extract from Ascophyllum nodosum (Fucales, Phaeophyta) on the two-spotted red spider mite Tetranychus urticae.- Some common properties of lectins from marine algae.- Characterization of an agar fraction extracted from Gracilaria dura (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta).- Sugar constituents of fucose-containing polysaccharides from various Japanese brown algae.- Antitumor activity of marine algae.- Chemical screening of Brazilian marine algae producing carrageenans.- Enzymatic degradation of alginate by marine fungi.- Ultrastructure of the cell wall of Gracilaria cf. verrucosa (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta): effects of steam explosion.- Chemical structure.- Contribution on the content and nature of the phycocolloid from Kallymenia reniformis (Cryptonemiales, Rhodophyta).- Infrared analysis of eleven carrageenophytes from Baja California, Mexico.- The xylogalactan sulfate from Chondria macrocarpa (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta).- Eicosanoids from the Rhodophyta: a new metabolism in the algae.- Use of solid and gel state 13C NMR spectroscopy for differentiation between agarophytes and carrageenophytes.- Sulfated galactans from the red seaweed Nothogenia fastigiata (Nemaliales, Rhodophyta).- Agaroids from New Zealand members of the Gracilariaceae (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta) - a novel dimethylated agar.- A study of the phycocolloids from Gelidium madagascariense and Eucheuma denticulatum (Rhodophyta) collected on the south coasts of Madagascar.- Molecular biology.- Control and heterologous expression in Escherichia coli of the Klebsiella pneumoniae gene encoding alginate lyase.- Taxonomic Index.- Author Index.

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書名 Thirteenth International Seaweed Symposium : proceedings of the Thirteenth International Seaweed Symposium held in Vancouver, Canada, August 13-18, 1989
著作者等 Gabrielson, Paul W.
International Seaweed Symposium
Lindstrom, Sandra C.
Gabrielson P.W.
書名別名 13th International Seaweed Symposium
シリーズ名 Developments in hydrobiology
出版元 Kluwer
刊行年月 1990
版表示 Reprinted from HYDROBIOLOGIA, 204/205, 1990
ページ数 xxxviii, 678 p.
大きさ 27 cm
ISBN 0792307631
NCID BA11235360
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