Papers from the 5th International Conference on Historical Linguistics

edited by Anders Ahlqvist

This volume presents a selection of the best papers from the Fifth International Conference on Historical Linguistics (ICHL), which was held in Galway, April 6-10 1981. These papers provide an overview of work in the field of historical linguistics, covering a wide variety of topics and languages.

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  • 1. Preface, pvii
  • 2. Liste des participants, px
  • 3. Endgultiges Programm der Konferenz, pxviii
  • 4. On explaining language change (by Harris, Martin B.), p1
  • 5. Assibilation in Sino-Korean (by Baek, Eung-Jin), p15
  • 6. Le francais de demain: VSO ou VOS (by Bailard, Joelle), p20
  • 7. Why small children cannot change language on their own: suggestions from the English past tense (by Bybee, Joan L.), p29
  • 8. The analogical pressure of synonymy: the dual gender of Spanish mar 'sea' (by Cravens, Thomas D.), p38
  • 9. Subject raising in Old Irish (by Disterheft, Dorothy), p44
  • 10. The system of verbs involving a speaker-hearer relationship: come/go, bring/take, in Old and Middle English (by Fraser, Thomas H.K.), p54
  • 11. Word order change in Dutch imparative clauses: the interaction between contextual and syntactic factors (by Gerritsen, Marinel), p62
  • 12. On the development of the modals and the epistemic function in English (by Goossens, Louis), p74
  • 13. Some phonological changes in Polynesian languages (by Harlow, R.B.), p98
  • 14. Ablaut and syntax in Kartvelian (by Harris, Alice C.), p110
  • 15. Shifting systems: evidence for systemic change in French historical phonology (by Hewson, John), p117
  • 16. Aspects of the evolution of relatives in Romance (by Hirschbuhler, Paul), p123
  • 17. On the historical continuity of linguistic systems (by Holman, Eugene), p133
  • 18. Change of language as a prototype for change of linguistics (by Itkonen, Esa), p142
  • 19. Diachronic facts vs. synchronic fiction: historical linguistic evidence against assuming underlying grammatical uniformity for contemporary dialects of the same language (by Janda, Richard D.), p149
  • 20. Semantic change and etymologies (by Job, D.M.), p163
  • 21. Morphologycal influences on soundchange (by Johnson, Steve), p171
  • 22. The system of negation in later Middle English prose (by Joly, Andre), p176
  • 23. Reductive phonetic developments as the trigger to typological change: two examples from the Finno-Ugrian languages (by Korhonen, Mikko), p190
  • 24. Modern Irish grammars and the plural marker acha (by Lazar-Meyn, Heidi Ann), p196
  • 25. Graphology and sound change in Old Prussian (by Levin, Jules), p201
  • 26. Iconicity in phonological change (by Mannheim, Bruce), p211
  • 27. On the problem of historical interpretation: Verner's law in gothic (by Milroy, James), p223
  • 28. The mistery of the vanished Laurentinians (by Mithun, Marianne), p230
  • 29. On the origin of the Portugese inflected infinitive (by Osborne, Bruce), p243
  • 30. Schreibumwertung und die Methoden der historischen Phonologie (by Penzl, Herbert), p249
  • 31. On the sources of Indo-European conjunctions of purpos, cause and result (by Pepicello, W.J.), p256
  • 32. A Neglected phonetic law: the reduction of the Indo-European laryngeals in internal syllables before yod (by Pinault, Georges-Jean), p265
  • 33. Explorations on syntactic change (relative clause formation strategies) (by Giacalone Ramat, Anna), p283
  • 34. The reconstruction of language in its social context: methodology for a socio-historical linguistic theory (by Romaine, Suzanne), p293
  • 35. Vivid language and language change (by Scott, Janet E.), p304
  • 36. From deontic to epistemic: an analysis of modals in the history of English, creoles, and language acquisition (by Shepherd, Susan C.), p316
  • 37. On short-term language change: developments in Irish morphology (by Stenson, Nancy J.), p324
  • 38. Conversational pues in Spanish: a proces of degrammaticalization? (by Paez Urdaneta, Iraset), p332
  • 39. Numerical and socio-linguistic perspectives of the p/pf-isogloss in South-Rhenish Franconian dialects (by Sture Ureland, P.), p341
  • 40. Historical metrics: the caesura in French (by Verluyten, S. Paul), p356
  • 41. Structural change and pidginization in the history of the Arabic language (by Versteegh, Kees), p362
  • 42. Theories of language and the nature of evidence and explanation in historical linguistics (by Vizmuller, Jana), p374
  • 43. From discourse to syntax: for in Early English causal clauses (by Wiegand, Nancy), p385
  • 44. Historical linguistics and metaphilology (by Wolfart, H. Christoph), p394
  • 45. On the historical roots of the philology and historical linguistics (by Buachalla, Breandan O), p425
  • 46. Scribal practise and historical phonology (by Andersen, Henning), p433
  • 47. Discussion, p442
  • 48. Concluding remarks (by Traugott, Elizabeth Closs), p460
  • 49. Index Fontium et Nominum, p467
  • 50. Index Linguarum, p508
  • 51. Index Rerum, p516

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書名 Papers from the 5th International Conference on Historical Linguistics
著作者等 Ahlqvist, Anders
International Conference on Historical Linguistics
書名別名 Referate von der Fünften Internationalen Konferenz für Historischen Sprachwissenschaft

Communications de la cinquième conférence internationale de linguistique historique
シリーズ名 Amsterdam studies in the theory and history of linguistic science
出版元 J. Benjamins
刊行年月 1982
ページ数 xxix, 527 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 9027235147
NCID BA06807895
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言語 フランス語
出版国 オランダ