5th Conference on Optimization Techniques  pt. 1 ~ pt. 2

edited by R. Conti and A. Ruberti


  • Some aspects of urban systems of relevance to optimisation techniques.- Selection of optimal industrial clusters for regional development.- Optimal investment policies in transportation networks.- An on-line optimization procedure for an urban traffic system.- Hierarchical strategies for the on-line control of urban road traffic signals.- Application of optimization approach to the problem of land use plan design.- Combinatorial optimization and preference pattern aggregation.- A microsimulation model of the health care system in the United States: The role of the physician services sector.- A model for finite stroage message switching networks.- On constrained diameter and medium optimal spanning trees.- Simulation techniques for the study of modulated communication channels.- Gestion Optimale d'un Ordinateur Multiprogramme a Memoire Virtuelle.- State-space approach in problem-solving optimization.- Perturbation theory and the statement of inverse problems.- A model for the evaluation of alternative policies for atmospheric pollutant source emissions (Masc model).- Mathematical modelling of a nordic hydrological system, and the use of a simplified run-off model in the stochastic optimal control of a hydroelectrical power system.- A two-dimensional model for the Lagoon of Venice.- Sea level prediction models for Venice.- Optimal estuary aeration: An application of distributed parameter control theory.- Interactive simulation program for water flood routing systems.- An automatic river planning operating system (ARPOS).- On the optimal control on an infinite planning horizon of consumption, pollution, population and natural resource use.- Limited role of entropy in information economics.- On a dual control approach to the pricing policies of a trading specialist.- Problems of optimal economic investments with finite lifetime capital.- Some economic models of markets.- Utilization of heuristics in manufacturing planning and optimization.- Economic simulation of a small chemical plant.- An optimal growth model for the Hungarian national economy.- On optimization of health care systems.- Theoretical and operational problems in driving a physical model of the circulatory system.- Modeling, simulation, identification and optimal control of large biochemical systems.- Modelisation du Transfert Gazeux Pulmonaire et Calcul Automatique de la Capacite de Diffusion.- On some models of the muscle spindle.

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  • Identification of systems subject to random state disturbance.- Adaptive compartimental structures in biology and society.- On the optimal size of system model.- Information-theoretic methods for modelling and analysing large systems.- A new criterion for modeling systems.- Stochastic extension and functional restrictions of ill-posed estimation problems.- Regression operator in infinite dimensional vector spaces and its application to some identification problems.- An approach to identification and optimization in quality control.- Identification de Domaines.- The modelling of edible oil fat mixtures.- Free boundary problems and impulse control.- A convex programming method in Hilbert space and its applications to optimal control of system described by parabolic equations.- About some free boundary problems connected with hydraulics.- Methode de Decomposition Appliquee au Controle Optimal de Systemes Distribues.- Approximation of optimal control problems of systems described by boundary-value mixed problems of Dirichlet-Neumann type.- Control of parabolic systems with boundary conditions involving time-delays.- Characterization of cones of functions isomorphic to cones of convex functions.- Necessary conditions and sufficient conditions for pareto optimality in a multicriterion perturbed system.- A unified theory of deterministic two-players zero-sum differential games.- About optimality of time of pursuit.- Algebraic automata and optimal solutions in pattern recognition.- A new feature selection procedure for pattern recognition based on supervised learning.- A classification problem in medical radioscintigraphy.- The dynamic clusters method and optimization in non hierarchical-clustering.- A maximum principle for general constrained optimal control problems - an Epsilon Technique approach.- Optimal control of systems governed by variational inequalities.- On determining the submanifolds of state space where the optimal value surface has an infinite derivative.- Control of affine systems with memory.- Computational methods in Hilbert space for optimal control problems with delays.- Sufficient conditions of optimality for contingent equations.- Variational approximations of some optimal control problems.- Norm perturbation of supremum problems.- On two conjectures about the closed-loop time-optimal control.- Coupling of state variables in the optimal low thrust orbital transfer problem.- Optimization of the ammonia oxidation process used in the manufacture of nitric acid.- Stochastic control with at most denumerable number of corrections.- Design of optimal incomplete state feedback controllers for large linear constant systems.- Control of a non linear stochastic boundary value problem.- An algorithm to estimate sub-optimal present values for unichain markov processes with alternative reward structures.- Some recent developments in nonlinear programming.- Penalty methods and augmented Lagrangians in nonlinear programming.- On inf-compact mathematical programs.- Nonconvex quadratic programs, linear complementarity problems, and integer linear programs.- A widely convergent minimization algorithm with quadratic termination property.- A heuristic approach to combinatorial optimization problems.- A new solution for the general set covering problem.- A theoretical prediction of the input-output table.- An improved algorithm for pseudo-boolean programming.- Numerical algorithms for global extremum search.- Gradient techniques for computation of stationary points.- Parameterization and graphic aid in gradient methods.- Les Algorithmes de Coordination dans la Methode Mixte d'Optimisation a Deux Niveaux.- Applications of decomposition and multi-level techniques to the optimization of distributed parameter systems.- Attempt to solve a combinatorial problem in the continuum by a method of extension-reduction.

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書名 5th Conference on Optimization Techniques
著作者等 Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche
Conti, Roberto
IFIP Colloquium on Optimization Techniques
Ruberti, Antonio
シリーズ名 Lecture notes in computer science
巻冊次 pt. 1
pt. 2
出版元 Springer-Verlag
刊行年月 1973
ページ数 2 v.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 0387065830
NCID BA03494476
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言語 フランス語
出版国 ドイツ