Measure theory, Oberwolfach, 1979 : proceedings of the conference held at Oberwolfach, Germany, July 1-7, 1979

edited by D. Kölzow


  • Measure extensions and measurable neighbours of a function.- A survey of small ball theorems and problems.- A long james space.- Baire sets in product spaces.- On a measure extension theorem of Bierlein.- One-to-one functions and a problem on subfields.- Rotations of the circle.- Thin trees and geometrical criteria for lebesgue nullsets.- Remark on extremal measure extensions.- Extensions of a ?-additive measure to the projective cover.- Some selection theorems for partitions of sets without topology.- Some results about multimeasures and their selectors.- Measurable weak selections.- Representation theorems for measurable multifunctions.- A colunterexample on measurable selections and strong lifting.- Some selection theorems and problems.- Non-Existence de Certaines Sections Mesurables et Contre-Exemples en Theorie du Relevement.- Survey of measurable selection theorems: An update.- Almost strong liftings and ?-additivity.- Measure spaces in which every lifting is an almost H-lifting.- Lifting compact spaces.- OW "idempotent" liftings.- Differentiation of measures on uniform spaces.- Differentiation of daniell integrals.- An outline of the theory of stationary measures over ?q.- An elementary integral.- Regularity and extension of semigroup-valued Baire measures.- Martingales of pettis integrable functions.- Integration of functions with values in complete semi-vector space.- The stochastic integral as a vector measure.- Some comments on the maximal inequality in martingale theory.- Un survol de la Theorie de l'Integrale Stochastique.- Optimal control of continuous and discontinuous processes in a Riemannian tangent bundle.- Construction of stopping times T such that mod P.- A non-commutative Strassen disintegration theorem.- On covering conditions and convergence.- Tail probabilities of sums of random vectors in banach spaces, and related mixed norms.- Stone space representation of vector functions and operators on L1.- An isomorphism theorem and related questions.- Local functionals.- A converse to Edgar's theorem.- Gaussian surface measures and the radon transform on separable banach spaces.- Spaces of multipliable families in Hausdorff topological groups.- A convergence property for solutions of certain quasi-linear elliptic equations.- Concerninc pre-supports of linear probability measures.- On a suitable notion of convergence for the space of matrix summations.- Problem section.

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書名 Measure theory, Oberwolfach, 1979 : proceedings of the conference held at Oberwolfach, Germany, July 1-7, 1979
著作者等 Conference on Measure Theory
Kölzow, Dietrich
Kolzow D.
シリーズ名 Lecture notes in mathematics
出版元 Springer-Verlag
刊行年月 1980
ページ数 xv, 573 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 0387099794
NCID BA03469457
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言語 英語
出版国 ドイツ