Pasro : Pascal and C for robots

C. Blume, W. Jakob, J. Favaro

The PasRo book contains fundamentals of robot programming and the design concepts of the PasRO robot programming system. It describes the PasRo implementation in Pascal and C and serves as the "Language Reference Manual"for PasRo. In addition to the desription of data structures, geometric operations and robot functions, the book includes a number of sample programs. This simplifies considerably the reader[s theoretical and practical entry into a new field of computer science: robot programming.

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  • 1 General Introduction.- A Pasro.- A.1 Introduction to PASRO.- A.2 Basic Facilities for Robot Programming.- A.2.1 Description of Robot Position and Orientation.- A.2.2 Concepts for Robot Programming Languages.- A.2.2.1 Frame Concept.- A.2.2.2 Trajectory Calculation and Robot Control.- A.2.2.3 Robot-Specific Programming Languages.- A.2.2.4 High Level Programming Languages.- A.2.2.5 NC Programming.- A.2.2.6 Implicit Programming.- A.2.2.7 Logical System Interfaces.- A.3 Concept of Data.- A.3.1 Pascal Data Types.- A.3.1.1 Record Types.- A.3.1.2 Array Types.- A.3.1.3 Pointer Types.- A.3.2 Predeclared PASRO Data Types.- A.3.3 PASRO Predeclared System Variables.- A.3.4 Arithmetic and Procedures.- A.3.4.1 Procedures and Functions.- A.3.4.2 Pascal Arithmetic.- A.3.4.3 PASRO Arithmetic Procedures.- A.4 Concept of Action.- A.4.1 PASRO Procedures for Robot Control.- A.4.2 PASRO Procedures for Gripper Control.- A.4.3 Traditional Program Flow Control.- A.4.3.1 Repetitive Statements.- A.4.3.2 Conditional Statements.- A.4.3.3 The GOTO Statement.- A.5 Program Structure.- A.5.1 Pascal Program Structure.- A.5.2 PASRO Structure.- A.6 Input/Output.- A.6.1 Traditional Pascal I/O.- A.6.2 I/O of PASRO Standard Data Types.- A.6.3 Robot Control.- A.6.4 Process I/O.- A.7 Integration of Teach-In.- A.7.1 Integration of Frames Defined by Teach-in into PASRO Programs.- A.7.2 Teaching-Frames by System Program "teachin".- A.8 Implementation.- A.8.1 General Structure.- A.8.2 The Industrial PASRO Extension.- A.9 How to Use the PASRO-System.- A.9.1 Introduction.- A. 9.2 Compiling and Linking.- A.9.3 Executing a PASRO Program.- A.10 PASRO Program Examples.- A.10.1 Palletizing.- A.10.2 Five-in-a-Row-Game (Gobang or Gomoku).- A.10.3 Towers of Hanoi.- A. 10.4 Telephone Dialing.- B PASRO/C.- B.l Introduction to PASRO/C.- B.2 Basic PASRO/C Facilities for Robot Programming.- B.3 Concept of Data in PASRO/C.- B.3.1 The C Preprocessor.- B.3.2 C Data Types.- B.3.3 Pointer Types in C.- B.3.4 Creating New Data Type Names in C.- B.3.5 Structured Data Types in PASRO/C.- B.3.5.1 Structured Types.- B.3.5.2 Array Types.- B.3.5.3 Static Initialization.- B.3.6 Predeclared PASRO/C Data Types.- B.3.7 PASRO/C Predeclared System Variables.- B.3.8 Expressions and Functions in PASRO/C.- B.3.9 Functions in C.- B.3.10 Arithmetic in C.- B.3.11 PASRO/C Arithmetic Procedures.- B.4 Concept of Action in PASRO/C.- B.4.1 PASRO/C Procedures for Robot Control.- B.4.2 PASRO/C Procedures for Gripper Control.- B.4.3 Traditional Program Flow Control in C.- B.4.3.1 Repetitive Statements in C.- B.4.3.2 Conditional Statements in C.- B.4.3.3 The GOTO Statement in C.- B.5 Program Structure in PASRO/C.- B.5.1 C Program Structure.- B.5.2 PASRO/C Structure.- B.6 Input/Output in PASRO/C.- B.6.1 Traditional I/O in C.- B.6.2 I/O of PASRO/C Standard Data Types.- B.6.3 Robot Control in PASRO/C.- B.6.4 Process I/O.- B.7 Integration of Teach-in in PASRO/C.- B.7.1 Integration of Frames Defined by Teach-in into PASRO/C Programs.- B.7.2 Teaching Frames with the PASRO/C System Program "teachin".- B.8 PASRO/C Implementation.- B.8.1 General Structure.- B.8.2 The Industrial PASRO/C Extension.- B.9 How to Use the PASRO/C System.- B.10 PASRO/C Program Examples.- B.10.1 Palletizing.- B.10.2 Five-in-a-Row-Game (Gobang or Gomuku).- B. 10.3 Towers of Hanoi.- B. 10.4 Telephone Dialing.- C Appendices.- C.1 Summary of PASRO Procedures.- C.2 Predeclared PASRO and Pascal Identifiers.- C.3 Predefined Data Types of PASRO.- C.4 Pascal Syntax Diagrams.- C.5 Summary of PASRO/C Procedures.- C.6 Predeclared PASRO/C and C Identifiers.- C.7 Predefined Data Types of PASRO/C.- C.8 C Syntax Diagrams.- References.

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書名 Pasro : Pascal and C for robots
著作者等 Blume, Christian
Favaro, J.
Jakob, Wilfried
Favaro John
出版元 Springer-Verlag
刊行年月 c1987
版表示 2nd, extended ed
ページ数 ix, 239 p.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 3540180931
NCID BA03453424
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言語 英語
出版国 ドイツ