The nature of irreversibility : a study of its dynamics and physical origins

by Henry B. Hollinger and Michael John Zenzen


  • 1. Introduction.- 2. The Paradoxes.- 2.1 Early Studies of Heat and Attempts to Formulate Equations of Heat Flow.- 2.2 Thompson's 1852 Statement on Irreversibility.- 2.3 Dissipative Processes and Irreversible Processes Not Yet Distinguished.- 2.4 Statistical Notions Enter Kinetic Theory.- 2.5 Boltzmann Tries to Reduce the Second Law to Mechanics.- 2.6 The "H" Theorem and Loschmidt's Reversibility Paradox.- 2.7 The Reversibility Paradox Rediscovered.- 2.8 Boltzmann's Philosophy of Science.- 2.9 The Boltzmann-Planck Debate.- 2.10 Ehrenfests and the Problem of Irreversibility.- 3. The Applications.- 3.1 Transport Rates Determined by Mean Free Paths.- 3.2 Transport Rates Determined by the Boltzmann Equation.- 4. Return to the Paradoxes.- 4.1 The Loss of Information.- 4.2 Microscopic Reversibility.- 4.3 The Role of Recent Equilibrium.- 4.4 Molecular Chaos and the BBGKY Theory.- 4.5 Later Developments.- 5. Various Kinds of Irreversibility.- 5.1 Inertial Irreversibility.- 5.2 Temporal Irreversibility.- 5.3 Exclusion Irreversibility.- 5.4 Mixing the Criteria: Thermodynamic Irreversibility.- 5.5 Mixing the Criteria: Paradoxical Irreversibility.- 5.6 Refinements: de Facto and Nomological Irreversibility.- 5.7 Statistical Irreversibility: Necessarily de Facto.- 6. Proposed Origins of Irreversibility.- 6.1 Probabilistic Origins.- 6.2 Mechanical Origins.- 7. The Origin of Exclusion Irreversibility.- 7.1 The Simplest Newtonian Models.- 7.2 The Role of Time Scales.- 7.3 Exclusion and Dissipation.- 7.4 The Principle of Recent Equilibrium.- 7.5 A Reflection.- 8. Irreversibility in Fluid Dynamics.- 8.1 The Fluid Concept.- 8.2 Fluid Processes.- 8.3 Fluid Equations.- 8.4 Fundamental Equations of Change.- 8.5 Stochastic Equations of Change.- 8.6 Simple Equations of Flux.- 8.7 Complex Equations of Flux.- 8.8 Equations of Equilibrium.- 9. Irreversibility in Statistical Mechanics.- 9.1 The Method of Statistical Mechanics.- 9.2 Generalization to Systems of Interacting Particles.- 9.3 Generalization to a Continuum of States.- 9.4 The Liouville Theorem.- 9.5 Joining Statistics and Mechanics: The One-Particle Approximation.- 9.6 Complex Equations of Flux in the One-Particle Approximation.- 9.7 The Two-Particle Approximation.- 9.8 Higher Approximations.- 10. Irreversibility in Quantum statistical Mechanics.- 10.1 The Schrodinger Equation.- 10.2 The One-Particle Approximation.- 10.3 The Two-Particle Approximation.- 10.4 The Chemical Approximation.- 11. On Alternative Approaches.- Appendix - Some Reflections on Time and Temporality.- Notes.- References.- Name Index.

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書名 The nature of irreversibility : a study of its dynamics and physical origins
著作者等 Hollinger, Henry B.
Zenzen, Michael John
Zenzen M. J.
Hollinger H. B.
シリーズ名 The University of Western Ontario series in philosophy of science
出版元 D. Reidel Pub. Co.
Sold and Kluwer Academic
刊行年月 c1985
ページ数 xi, 340 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 9027720800
NCID BA03451112
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ