Mathematical problems in theoretical physics : proceedings of the VIth International Conference on Mathematical Physics, Berlin (West), August 11-20, 1981

edited by R. Schrader, R. Seiler, and D.A. Uhlenbrock


  • On some problems associated with the foundation of statistical mechanics.- Regrussungsansprache zur 6th international conference on mathematical physics Berlin 1981.- Periodicity and the onset of chaos.- Lorentz gas and random walks.- The Kosterlitz-Thouless transition.- Mechanical models of Brownian motion.- Goldstone theorem in statistical mechanics.- Some inequalities related to roughening.- Self-diffusion as an example for the hydrodynamic limit.- Geometric analysis of ?4 fields and Ising models.- Some topics in quantum field theory.- What is the state space of quantum electrodynamics?.- Results and problems near the interface between statistical mechanics and quantum field theory.- A renormalization group based convergent expansion for a class of massless lattice models.- Phase diagrams for iow temperature p(?)2 quantum field models.- Covariant representations of massless fermi fields.- Singularities in fluid dynamics.- The boost problem.- Singularities, cauchy horizons and extensions of a large class of Einstein-Maxwell spacetimes.- Asymptotic structure in general relativity.- Yang-mills theory in a multiply connected three space.- Recent developments in supergravity.- Bragg scattering from point interactions: An explicit formula for the reflection coefficient.- Stability of molecular eigenstates.- Description of the semiclassical limit of quantum mechanics in terms of diffusion processes.- Algebraic approach to some propagation properties of the Schrodinger equation.- Scattering theory for time-dependent Hamiltonians.- How do eigenfunctions decay? The case of N-body quantum systems.- Geometric methods in quantum many-body problem.- Almost periodic Schroder operators: A review.- Scattering theory for obstacles with infinite boundaries.- Experimental tests of Bell's inequalities.- Mathematical structure of orthodox quantum theory and its relation to operationally definable physical principles.- Connections of different approaches to the foundation of quantum mechanics based on a description of preparing and recording of microsystems.- What is wrong in Orthodox Quantum Theory.- Parallel session on the foundations of quantum mechanics.- Parallel session on the foundations of quantum mechanics.- Integrable systems in multidimensional spaces.- Ordinary differential equations and the symmetric eigenvalue problem.- Theory of ? functions in integrable systems.- The Kirchhoff type equations and multivalued functionals.- Singularities of solutions of semilinear wave equations.- New results for classical gauge theories: Qualitative and exact.- Lattice gauge theory.- Some applications of functional integration.- Stochastic jump processes in the phase space representation of quantum mechanics.- Applications of jump processes to quantum mechanics and relativistic bose field theory.- Quantum stochastic processes.- Generalized brownian functionals.- A cameron-martin formula for feynman integrals (The origin of the Maslov indices).- Intstanton gas parameters in the double well model.- Scattering theory and automorphic functions.- Extensions of unitary irreducible representations of poincare group. Application to quantum field theory.- Nonlinear group representations and applications to nonlinear equations.- Supersymmetry, supergravity and geometry.- Deformation theory applied to quantization and group representations.- Conformal invariance IN (gauge) quantum field theory.- On the representations of the group diffeomorphisms and the local current algebra.- Presentation of the contributions in group theory at this conference.- Generalized gauge theories and the constituents of massless particles.- Symmetry in condensed matther physics.- Singular unitary representations and indefinite harmonic theory.- Schrodinger operators with almost periodic potemntial: An overview.- A note on non-linear aspects of QFT.- Locality and the structure of particle states in gauge field theories.- Modular automorphisms of local algebras in quantum field theory.- The Search for Quantum Differential Geometry.- On the spectrum of schrodinger operators with a random potential.- Localization : Physical picture and exact results.- Diffusion in one-dimensional lattice systems with random transfer rates.- Edward's model for long polymer chains.- On the status of QCD.- Some advances and problems in classical general relativity.- From general relativity to quantum gravity.

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書名 Mathematical problems in theoretical physics : proceedings of the VIth International Conference on Mathematical Physics, Berlin (West), August 11-20, 1981
著作者等 International Conference on Mathematical Physics
Schrader, Robert
Seiler, Rudolf
Uhlenbrock, Dietrich A.
Seiler R
Uhlenbrock D a
Schrader R (Medizinische Klinik III-CCB Frankfurt am Main Germany)
シリーズ名 Lecture notes in physics
出版元 Springer-Verlag
刊行年月 1982
ページ数 xii, 429 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 0387111921
NCID BA03432355
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言語 英語
出版国 ドイツ