Integrated natural language dialogue : a computational model

Robert E. Frederking


  • 1. Introduction.- 1.1. Ellipsis in natural language.- 1.2. Ellipsis in natural language interfaces.- 1.3. Computational architecture.- 1.4. Outline of the book.- 2. Relevant Previous Work.- 2.1. Work on ellipsis resolution.- 2.1.1. Semantic grammar ellipsis resolution.- 2.1.2. Case frame ellipsis resolution.- 2.1.3. PSLI3 ellipsis resolution.- 2.2. Work on dialogue modelling.- 2.2.1. Syntactic focusing in discourse.- 2.2.2. Task-oriented focusing in dialogue.- 2.2.3. Formal discourse representation.- 2.2.4. Speech acts and dialogue modelling.- 2.2.5. Discourse grammar.- 2.2.6. Dialogue modelling in Psli3.- 2.3. Work on chart parsing.- 2.4. How Psli3 differs from other systems.- 3. An Analysis of Natural Language Dialogue.- 3.1. An Analysis of intersentential ellipsis.- 3.1.1. Top-level taxonomy of intersentential ellipsis.- 3.1.2. Understanding elliptical utterances.- 3.1.3. Other factors in intended effects.- 3.1.4. Analysis of short story dialogues.- 3.2. Other dialogue phenomena.- 3.2.1. Noun phrase references.- 3.2.2. Interactive recovery from user errors.- 3.3. Relationship of theory to implementation.- 4. The Implementation.- 4.1. Top-level organization.- 4.2. Semantic chart parsing.- 4.2.1. An example parse.- 4.2.2. Current syntactic coverage.- 4.2.3. Verb and noun phrase reference.- 4.2.4. Error recognition and recovery.- 4.2.5. Natural language generation.- 4.3. Ellipsis handling in the chart.- 4.3.1. Verb phrase reformulation ellipsis.- 4.3.2. Noun phrase ellipsis resolution.- 4.4. Correction, elaboration, and dialogue charts.- 4.4.1. Correction ellipsis.- 4.4.2. Elaboration ellipsis.- 4.4.3. Dialogue charts.- 4.5. The response phase.- 4.6. Future chart developments.- 5. The Program in Action.- 5.1. Introduction.- 5.2. The initial full sentence.- 5.3. Functional verb phrase ellipsis.- 5.4. Constituent verb phrase ellipsis.- 5.5. Another functional verb phrase ellipsis.- 5.6. Conclusion.- 6. Conclusion.- 6.1. Contributions.- 6.1.1. Ellipsis coverage.- 6.2. Future work.- 6.2.1. Straightforward extensions.- 6.2.2. Extensions within the framework.- 6.2.3. Extensions of the current framework.- References.

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書名 Integrated natural language dialogue : a computational model
著作者等 Frederking, Robert E.
Frederking Robert
シリーズ名 The Kluwer international series in engineering and computer science
出版元 Kluwer Academic
刊行年月 c1988
ページ数 xvii, 178 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 0898382556
NCID BA03430247
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国