Properties of water in foods : in relation to quality and stability

edited by D. Simatos, J.L. Multon

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Influence of Water on Food Quality and Stability (ISOPOW III), Beaune, France, September 11-16, 1983

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  • Session I. Fundamentals : high moisture systems.- Water and aqueous solutions : recent advances.- Phase separation in protein - water systems and the formation of structure.- The dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) - water system.- An enzymatically modified protein as a new surfactant and its function to interact with water and oil in an emulsion system.- Session 2. Fundamentals : low and intermediate moisture systems.- The influence of soluble components on water sorption hysteresis.- Some facts concerning water vapour sorption hysteresis on potato starch.- Influence of temperature on sorption equilibria.- Development of B.E.T.-like models for sorption of water on foods, theory and relevance.- Solution thermodynamics and the starch-water system.- Session 3. Physico-chemical and enzymatic changes.- Effects of water activity and water content on mobility of food components, and their effects on phase transitions in food systems.- Enzyme activity as a function of water activity.- The influence of water content and temperature on the formation of Maillard reaction intermediates during the drying of plant products.- Polysaccharide-water interactions - thermal behavior of rice starch.- Session 4. Microbiology and water activity.- Present state of knowledge of aw effects on microorganisms.- Effects of aw and pH on growth and survival of Staphylococcus aureus.- Effect of aw on growth and survival of Bacillaceae.- Effect of water activity on mold growth and mycotoxin production.- The antimicrobial activity of sugar against pathogens of wounds and other infections of man.- Hurdle technology applied to meat products of the shelf stable product and intermediate moisture food types.- Session 5. Technology : diffusion properties and non equilibrium states.- Fundamentals of diffusion of water and rate of approach of equilibrium aw.- Diffusivity of sorbic acid in food gels at high and intermediate water activities.- Aroma diffusion : the influence of water activity and of molecular weight of the other solutes.- Choice of packages for foods with specific consideration of water activity.- The role of water in the rheology of hygroscopic food powders.- Session 6. Technology : humectants and new intermediate moisture foods (IMF).- A pragmatic approach to the development of new intermediate moisture foods.- Water binding of humectants.- Novel intermediate moisture meat products.- Extrusion cooking for cereal-based intermediate moisture products.- Polyglycerols and polyglycerol esters as potential water activity reducing agents. Chemistry and sensory analysis.- Session 7. Freezing and low temperature phenomena.- Complex aqueous systems at subzero temperatures.- The freezing of biological cells in aqueous solutions containing a polymeric cryo-protectant.- Freezing in polymer - water systems and properties of water.- Freeze-texturing and other aspects of the effects of freezing on food quality.- Computed instrumental analysis of the behavior of water in foods during freezing and thawing.- Session 8. Commodities : properties of water and technology.- Water in fish : its effects on quality and processing.- The effect of water on the quality of meat and meat products : problems and research needs.- Water in dairy products related to quality, with special reference to cheese.- Confectionery and water activity: determination of aw by calculation.- Session 9. Moisture measurement and prediction.- Comparison of sensors for measurement of air humidity.- Standardization of isotherm measurements (COST-project 90 and 90 bis).

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書名 Properties of water in foods : in relation to quality and stability
著作者等 Multon, J. L.
NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Influence of Water on Food Quality and Stability
North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Scientific Affairs Division
Simatos, D.
Multon J. L.
シリーズ名 NATO ASI series
出版元 M. Nijhoff
刊行年月 1985
ページ数 xxii, 693 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9024731534
NCID BA03284305
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言語 英語
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