Geology and society

Donald R. Coates

This book should be of interest to students of geology, geography and environmental science; professionals working in land management, civil engineers, geological engineers.

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  • 1 Introduction.- The Environment and the Geological Sciences.- Environment and History.- The Twentieth Century.- Environmental Ethics.- Environmental Guidelines.- The Environmental Decade.- The Present Status.- The Future.- Postlude.- 2 Mineral Resources.- Classification.- Origin of Mineral Deposits.- Mineral Properties.- Reserves and Resources.- Occurrence and Distribution of Ore Deposits.- Exploration and Discovery.- Mining and Development.- Supply and Demand.- Non-Metallic Minerals.- Construction and Building Resources.- Fertilizer Materials.- Other Uses.- Impacts Caused by Mining.- Case Histories.- Mineral Policy and Planning.- Policy Recommendations.- Reclamation.- Postlude.- 3 Energy Resources.- An Overview.- Oil.- The Geology of Oil.- Production Methods.- Oil Consumption.- Environmental Effects.- Natural Gas.- Coal.- Geology of Coal.- Mining Techniques.- Geography and Resources.- Environmental Effects.- Synfuels.- Oil Shale.- Tar Sands.- Other Geologic Energy Sources.- Uranium.- Geothermal.- Hydropower.- Energy Policy.- Postlude.- 4 Water Resources.- Occurrence.- Surface Water.- Groundwater.- Water Use.- Patterns of Use.- Water Problems.- Groundwater Mining.- Soil Salinization.- Wetlands.- Transportation.- Pollution.- Water Management.- Water Augmentation.- Water Remedial Measures.- Non-Structural Conservation.- Case Studies in Water Management.- South Florida.- Colorado River Basin.- Postlude.- 5 Volcanic Activity.- Distribution.- Volcanic Miscellany.- Origin.- Processes and Classification.- Products and Effects.- Volcanic Disasters.- Mount St. Helens.- El Chichon, Mexico.- Prediction.- Seismic Activity.- Hillside Deformation.- Other Changes and Precursors.- Historical Record.- Hazard Mitigation.- Beneficial Aspects.- Postlude.- 6 Earthquakes.- Terminology.- Distribution.- Causes.- Effects.- Damages.- Disasters.- Prediction and Amelioration of Earthquakes.- Postlude.- 7 Landslides.- Effects.- Landslides and Related Processes.- Loss of Vertical Support.- Classification.- Natural Causes.- Excessive Precipitation.- Earthquakes.- Human Interference.- Hillslope Disturbance.- Vegetative Changes.- Pore-Water Changes.- Landslide Destruction.- Land Management.- Recognition.- Legal Affairs.- Remedies and Control.- Snow Avalanches.- Government Landslide Programs.- Postlude.- 8 Floods.- River Systems.- Why Do We Have Floods?.- Environmental Factors that Contribute to Flooding.- Effects of Floods.- Damages and Case Histories.- Colorado River.- Management of Flood Hazards.- Structural Measures.- Land Treatment Measures.- Legislative Measures.- Geological Data.- Postlude.- 9 Coastal Environments.- The Seascape.- Coastal Forces.- Historical Background.- Current Status of Shorelines.- Barrier Islands.- Human Intervention.- Coastal Engineering.- Seawalls, Revetments, and Bulkheads.- Breakwaters.- Jetties and Groins.- Beach Nourishment and Sand Bypassing.- Sand Dunes.- Off-Road Vehicles.- Coastal Law.- Postlude.- 10 Soil Destruction.- What is Soil?.- Historical Background.- Soil Destruction.- Farmland Erosion.- Deforestation.- Salinization.- Other Soil Losses.- Overgrazing.- Urbanization.- Off-Road Vehicles.- Desertification.- Soil Conservation.- Soil-Bearing Controls.- Biological Controls.- Structural-Engineering Controls.- The World Situation.- Postlude.- 11 Geoengineering.- Conveyance Systems.- Highways.- Aqueducts, Canals, and Pipelines.- Dams.- Case Histories.- Adverse Impacts.- Channelization.- Case Histories.- Benefits and Design.- Environmental Engineering.- Expansive Soils.- Permafrost Terrane.- Wetlands.- Other Case Histories.- Postlude.- 12 Environmental Contamination.- Role of Geology.- Air Pollution.- Human Health.- Acid Precipitation.- Weather and Climate Effects.- Solid-Waste Disposal.- Open Dumps.- Marine Dumps.- Incineration.- Sanitary Landfill.- Hazardous Waste.- Dioxins.- Case Histories.- Nuclear Waste.- Disposal Alternatives.- Wastewater Disposal.- Recycling.- Postlude.- 13 Environmental Management.- The Format of Management.- Definition of the Problem.- Conflicts, Constraints, and Priorities.- Objectives.- Role of the Geologist.- Urban Areas.- Open Space.- Underground Space.- Natural Resources.- Mineral and Fossil-Fuel Resources.- Water Resources.- Land Resources.- Federal Lands.- Adirondack State Park.- Geologic Hazards.- Environmental Costs.- The 1980-83 Environmental Hiatus.- Environmental Policies in Other Countries.- Postlude.- 14 Environmental Law.- General Laws.- Nuisance.- Public Trust.- Specific Environmental Laws.- Laws for Geologists.- Mining Law.- Water Law.- Surface-Water Law.- Groundwater Law.- Other Water-Related Laws.- Maritime Law.- Coastal Law.- Land-Use Law.- Water and Soils.- Range and Forest Lands.- Parks and Wilderness.- Legal Rights for Natural Features.- Eminent Domain.- Hazards and Disasters.- Lawsuits.- Postlude.- Appendix A Table of Conversions.- Appendix B Volcanic Disasters.- Appendix C Major Earthquake Disasters Throughout the World.- Appendix D Landslide Disasters.- Appendix E Major Land Subsidence Areas.- Appendix F Severe Flood Disasters in the United States.- Appendix G Coastal Area Disasters from Tropical Storms and Tsunamis.- References and Source Materials.

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書名 Geology and society
著作者等 Coates, Donald Robert
Coates Donald R.
シリーズ名 Environmental resource management series
出版元 Chapman and Hall
刊行年月 1985
ページ数 xv, 406 p.
大きさ 27 cm
ISBN 0412251701
NCID BA03273466
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国