Bono homini donum : essays in historical linguistics, in memory of J. Alexander Kerns  pt. 1 ~ pt. 2

edited by Yoël L. Arbeitman & Allan R. Bomhard

The volume starts with a -- posthumous -- paper by Alexander Kerns, written by Benjamins Schwartz, on the Indo-European tense system. This is followed by a rich array of papers on the reconstruction of older languages, ranging from Indo-European and Afroasiatic to Cretan.

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  • 1. Preface, pvii
  • 2. Dedication, pix
  • 3. Table of contens, pxiii
  • 4. Section I: Kerns-Schwartz coda
  • 5. On the Indo-european tense system (by Kerns, J. Alexander), p3
  • 6. Section II: Indo-european studies
  • 7. The pre-History of Tocharian preterite participles (by Adams, Douglas Q.), p17
  • 8. Rhotacism in hieroglyphic Luwian (with commentary by Allan R. Bomhard) (by Arbeitman, Yoel L.), p25
  • 9. Anaphoriques du type nuiota nuen hittite (by Bader, Francoise), p31
  • 10. Intervocalic laryngeal in Gatha-Avestan (by Beekes, Robert S.P.), p47
  • 11. Venetic revisited (by Beeler, Madison S.), p65
  • 12. New linguistic data for Hispano-Celtic: An evaluation (by Crowley, Cornelius Joseph), p73
  • 13. Levels of phonological restriction in Greek affixes (by Floyd, Edwin D.), p87
  • 14. Some characteristics of modern colloquial Welsh (Cymraeg Byw) (by Fowkes, Robert A.), p107
  • 15. Concerning the reply of Kerns and Schwarz to Austin (by Greppin, John A.C.), p119
  • 16. Albanian edhe "and" (by Hamp, Eric P.), p127
  • 17. "Decem" and "Taihyn" languages: An Indo-European isogloss (by Hopper, Paul J.), p133
  • 18. Judeo-Italian lexical items collected by Zalman Yvoely (by Jochnowitz, George), p143
  • 19. L'imaginaire en linguistique (by Jucquois, Guy), p159
  • 20. The genitive singular ending in - syo: How an Indo-Europeanist works (by Lehmann, Winfred P.), p179
  • 21. Etymological observations on bramling, bunting, fieldfare, godwit, and wren (by Lockwood, W.B.), p189
  • 22. Noch einmal hethitisch eu- "regen" (by Neu, Erich), p203
  • 23. A functional viwew of word equations (by Peeters, Christian), p213
  • 24. Greek nouns of the type of kappanuetamu (by Poultney, James W.), p217
  • 25. "Spider" and "mole" in hittite (by Puhvel, Jaan), p237
  • 26. Ergatrivity in Indo-European (by Schmalstieg, William R.), p243
  • 27. On Hittite-Luwian andIndo-European etymologies (by Shevoroshkin, Vitalij), p259
  • 28. On Indo-European sigmatic verbal formations (by Shields, Kenneth), p263
  • 29. Sprachverfall und Sprachtod besonders im Lichte indogermaischer Sprachen (by Szemerenyi, Oswald), p281
  • 30. Schwundstufige Formen von langvokalischen Verben im Altindischen (by Tischler, Johann), p311
  • 31. Recherches comparatives sur le vocabolaire des langues anatoliennes (by Windekens, A.J. van), p325
  • 32. Hittite arziyalla- (by Watkins, Calvert), p345
  • 33. Section III: Typological studies and distant linguistic relationship
  • 34. Indo-European and Afroasiatic: New evidence for the connetction (by Bomhard, Allan R.), p351
  • 35. Typological paralells between Proto-Indo-European and the northwest Cuacasian languages (by Colarusso, John), p475
  • 36. Volume II
  • 37. Typology versus reconstruction (by Dunkel, George), p559
  • 38. Language typology and language universals and their implications for the reconstruction of the Indo- European stop system (by Gamkrelidze, Thomas V.), p571
  • 39. Section IV: Afroasiatic studies
  • 40. An inquiry into the formation of the Middle Aramaic dialects (by Boyarin, Daniel), p613
  • 41. Les niveaux de langue dans la poesie populaire arabe du maghreb (by Grand'Henry, Jaques), p651
  • 42. Coptic double consonants (by Hodge, Carleton T.), p659
  • 43. Diglossia in ancient Hebrew as revealed through compound verbs (by Rendsburg, Gary), p665
  • 44. The structure and inflexion of the verb in the Semito-Mamitic grammar (by Rossler, Otto), p679
  • 45. Section V: Cretan studies
  • 46. Santas and Kupapa on Crete (by Billigmeier, Jon-Christian), p751
  • 47. The Semitic language of Minoan Crete (by Gordon, Cyrus H.), p761
  • 48. The Phaistos disk, again? (by Schwartz, Benjamin), p783
  • 49. Section VI: Varia
  • 50. La scomparsa del "passato remoto" in romanzo e in tedesco (by Bonfante, Giuliano), p803
  • 51. Principles of stylistic analysis (by Buccellati, Giorgio), p807
  • 52. "Rekomponierte" Lehnbildungen (by Gusmani, Roberto), p837
  • 53. Altaic origins of the Japanese verb classes (by Miller, Roy Andrew), p845
  • 54. Can graphemic change cause phonemic change? (by Polome, Edgar C.), p881
  • 55. The Hittite is my mother: An Anatolean approach to Gennesis 23 (ex Indo-Europea lux) (by Arbeitman, Yoel L.), p889
  • 56. Index Verborum, p1027

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書名 Bono homini donum : essays in historical linguistics, in memory of J. Alexander Kerns
著作者等 Arbeitman, Yoël L.
Bomhard, Allan R.
Kerns, J. Alexander
Arbeitman Yoel L.
書名別名 In memory of J. Alexander Kerns
シリーズ名 Amsterdam studies in the theory and history of linguistic science
巻冊次 pt. 1
pt. 2
出版元 J. Benjamins
刊行年月 1981
ページ数 2 v. (xvi, 1076 p.)
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 9027235074
ISSN 03040763
NCID BA03256365
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言語 フランス語
出版国 オランダ