The philosophy of Anaxagoras : as reconstructed

by Felix M. Cleve


  • Three Different Biographies.- Topic for an Historical Novel.- Time Is not Reversible.- The Constituents of the Universe.- The Elements and Their Moiras.- Aristotelian Reports.- An Old Question and a New Answer.- Essence of the Anaxagorean Elements.- The Ostensibly Infinite Number of the Elements.- The Distinctive Feature.- The Primary Relation and Its Dual Working.- Equally Infinite Particles of Each Element.- Equally Infinite Particles of Each Element.- "The Great" and "The Small".- Infinite Geometrical Divisibility.- Infinity of Space Filled.- A Strange Juxtaposition and an Attempt at Solving the Riddle.- An Aggregation Terminology.- Nous, the Ruler Element and Construction Engineer.- Homogeneity, Relative and Absolute, and Why Snow Is also Black and Warm.- Spatial Extensiveness of Nous.- Nous' Immiscibility as a Prerequisite to Its Power.- Structure of the Anaxagorean Molecule.- Molecule: the "Grown-Together".- The Anaxagorean and the Modern Molecules.- Impenetrability, Motion Resistance, Movability.- The Divine Mechanician.- Without Renunciation or Ideal.- Cosmogony.- The Primordial Condition.- "Pantahomou".- An Endorsement by Aristotle.- "Keeping Itself at a Standstill...".- The Whereabouts of Nous.- First Means of Cosmopoeia: Differentiation.- Disengagement of the Checked Qualities.- The Beginning of Cosmopoeia.- Why Cosmogony Had To Start from One Point.- Peri-echon, Proskrithenta, Apokekrimena.- Exegetic Paraphrase of Fragment Number One.- Second Means of Cosmopoeia: Rotation.- The Two Sorts of Motion and Their Allotment to Two Principles.- A Mental Experiment.- The Effects of Rotation upon the Earth and the Waters and upon the Original Line of Fall.- Why the Rotation of the Earth Has Been Passed Over in Silence.- An Endorsement by Plutarch.- Intrinsic Reasons for the Rotation of the Earth.- The Effects of Rotation upon Air and Ether.- Rotation and Stratification.- How the Earth Remains Suspended.- Differentiation and Rotation Acting Together.- The Proskrithenta and Their Conglomerations.- Why Angular Velocity and Centrifugal Force Must Increase from Without Inwards.- Origin of the Stars.- How Anaxagoras Came to His Hypothesis.- The Stone of Aigospotamoi.- Will the Stars Crash Down to the Earth in Time to Come ?.- Apparent and Real Magnitude of the Stars.- That Difficult Moon...- Anaxagoras' Invisible Celestial Bodies.- Third Means of Cosmopoeia: Dismemberment of the Axis.- Individual Rotation for Every Sphere.- Explanation of the Milky Way.- The Orbits and the Turnings of the Sun and of the Moon.- When Will Cosmogony Come to Its End?.- "There are Some in Which Nous, Too, is Contained".- The Bodies.- Construction against Stratification.- If Nous Were Like the God of the Bible...- Creatio ex nihilo - Viewed Psychologically.- "Primordial Generation" and "Generation from One Another".- First Measure against Decay: Breathing.- The Meaning of "Psyche".- "Larger Psyche" and "Smaller Psyche" and the Weakness of Human Perception.- Second Measure against Decay: Nutrition and Digestion.- An Ancient Interpretation.- The Genuine Anaxagorean Teaching.- And What about Fragment Number Ten?.- Third Measure against Decay: Perception.- What Is the Meaning of "Corresponding to the Deficiency..." ?.- Decay.- An Epitomist's Report and Its Anaxagorean.- Sleep and Death - Physiologically.- The Souls.- Nous Still the Only Person in the Universe.- An Enigmatic Fragment.- What the Riddle Consists in.- Attempts at Elucidation.- Conditio Pluralitatis Personarum.- Comparison with an Aristotelian Teaching.- World-Nous and Separate Nous-Individuals.- Sleep and Death - Psychologically.- The Site of the "Soul".- Conscious and "Unconscious" Occurrences in the Organism.- Theory of Perception.- No Scepticism in Principle.- Physical Pain.- Attempt at Reconstruction.- Physical Delight.- No "Pain-and-Delight"-Element.- A Gross Misinterpretation.- Scanty Reports on Details.- Plants, Too, Have Individual Consciousness.- An Ungrateful Disciple.- An Overdue Vindication of Honor.- The Actual Differences in Intelligence.- The Aristotle Mystery.- Infinity in Space and Time.- One Cosmos or Many Cosmoi?.- "With Us" and "Elsewhere".- Is the Moon Inhabited?.- Duration of Cosmogony and the Destiny of the Stars.- "The Whole" and "the Wholes".- "The Whole" and "the Wholes".- Witnesses Contesting and Endorsing.- The Ostensible Beginning in Time.- Eudemos' Reproach and Simplikios' Attempt at Refutation.- Rehabilitation.- Eternal Periodicity.- Does Pantahomou Imply a Sleep of Nous ?.- The Three Hellenic Attitudes Regarding Commencement.- A Weighty Endorsement.- Remarkable Analogies.- Anaxagoras and Posterity.- The Elements - Aristotelian and Otherwise.- The Riddle of the Aristotelian Reports.- Confusion with Anaximander.- Strange Criticism.- A Dubious Evidence against Periodicity.- Friedrich Nietzsche, Paul Tannery, John Burnet.- Eduard Zeller.- Nous - Aristotelian and Otherwise.- Is Nous "Pure Spirit" ?.- Modern Interpretations.- New Answer by Counter-Question.- Anaxagoras, the Monist, the Dualist, the Pluralist.- A Heretic Digression.- Is Anaxagoras an Inconsistent Teleologist ?.- Is Nous Really But a Stop-Gap ?.- Epilogue.- Index of Passages.

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書名 The philosophy of Anaxagoras : as reconstructed
著作者等 Cleve, Felix M.
Cleve F.M.
出版元 Nijhoff
刊行年月 1973
ページ数 x, 166 p.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 9024715733
NCID BA03235467
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ