Significs and language : the articulate form of our expressive and interpretative resources

by Victoria Lady Welby ; edited and introduced by H. Walter Schmitz

This is the facsimile 1911 reprint of Victoria Lady Welby's very last publication Significs and Language. The Articulate form of our Expressive and Interpretative resources. This volume also includes two major essays from the author's hands, 'Meaning and Metaphor' (reprinted from The Monist 3:4, 1893), and 'Sense, Meaning and Interpretation' (reprinted from Mind 5:17 and 18, 1896), and a selection of several noteworthy and unpublished essays. In the introduction to this volume the editor H. Walter Schmitz exemplifies how Lady Welby developed her significs in discussion and cooperation with numerous highly divergent scientists and scholars of her times; how her ideas influenced other scholars in Europe and the US; and how significs sank to near oblivion and was finally recovered.

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  • 1. Preface, pv
  • 2. Victoria Lady Welby's Significs: The Origin of the Signific Movement (by Schmitz, H. Walter), pix
  • 3. 1. The Rediscovery: A First Approach to Lady Welby and Her Significs, pix
  • 4. 2. The Origins and Development of Significs: A Biographical and Bibliographical Sketch of Lady Welby's Course of Thoughts, pxvi
  • 5. 2.1 The Sources of This Study, pxvi
  • 6. 2.2 The Development of an Independent Mind, pxxii
  • 7. 2.3 The Search for a Contemporary Interpretation of the Christian Doctrine, pxxviii
  • 8. 2.4 The Evolution of the Human Mind and the Neglected Problem of Meaning, pxxxvii
  • 9. 2.5 Significs: A New Science, pxlvi
  • 10. 2.6 The Failure to Institutionalize Significs, plxii
  • 11. 3. Significs as a Communication Oriented Theory of Signs, plxxvi
  • 12. 3.1 Lady Welby's Critique of Language and Terminology, plxxvi
  • 13. 3.2 "Translation" and the Unity of Science, plxxxviii
  • 14. 3.3 "Sense", "Meaning" and "Significance", pxciii
  • 15. 4. Lady Welby's Influence on Some of Her Contemporaries, pcviii
  • 16. 4.1 Andre Lalande and the Terminology Critical Movement in France, pcxi
  • 17. 4.2 From F. Tonnies to the Vienna Circle, pcxvii
  • 18. 4.3 George Frederick Stout, pcxli
  • 19. 4.4 J. M. Baldwin and His Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology, pcxliv
  • 20. 4.5 Some Comments and 'New' Documents on the Correspondence between C. S. Peirce and Lady Welby, pcxlviii
  • 21. 4.6 Bertrand Russell, pclviii
  • 22. 4.7 F. C. S. Schiller and "The Meaning of 'Meaning' ", pclxiii
  • 23. 4.8 Giovanni Vailati, pclxxi
  • 24. 4.9 C. K: Ogden's 'Apprenticeship' with Lady Welby, pclxxviii
  • 25. 4.10 Lady Welby and Significs in the Novels of H. G. Wells: Some Remarks, pclxxxiv
  • 26. 5. Notes, pclxxxix
  • 27. 6. Bibliography, pccviii
  • 28. Thus Far Unpublished Essays by V. Lady Welby, pccxxxvii
  • 29. I Primal Sense and Significs, pccxxxviii
  • 30. II June 30th. 1908, pccxliii
  • 31. III F. C. S. Schiller on "Mother-Sense" (From a letter to Lady Welby dated Oct. 2, 1907), pccxlv
  • 32. IV V. Lady Welby's Reply to F. C. S. Schiller (From an undated letter), pccxlix
  • 33. V The Social Value of Expression, pcclii
  • 34. VI Notes, pcclxiv
  • 35. Victoria Welby: Meaning and Metaphor (Reprinted from The Monist 3:4 (1893) 510-525)
  • 36. V. Welby: Sense, Meaning and Interpretation (Reprinted from Mind 5:17 and 18 (1896) 24-37, 186-202)
  • 37. V. Welby: Significs and Language: The Articulate Form of Our Expressive and Interpretative Resources Facsimile of the edition of 1911 x, 105 pp

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書名 Significs and language : the articulate form of our expressive and interpretative resources
著作者等 Welby, Victoria, Lady
Welby Lady Victoria
Schmitz H. Walter
シリーズ名 Foundations of semiotics
出版元 J. Benjamins Pub. Co.
刊行年月 1985
ページ数 cclxvii, [151] p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 902723275X
NCID BA01488100
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ