Structure and dynamics of elliptical galaxies : proceedings of the 127th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Princeton, U.S.A., May 27-31, 1986

edited by Tim De Zeeuw


  • Invited Reviews.- General Historical Introduction.- Cores of Early-Type Galaxies.- Isophote Shapes.- Distribution of Light: Outer Regions.- The Stellar Kinematics of Elliptical Galaxies.- The Manifold of Elliptical Galaxies.- Properties of cD Galaxies.- Compact Elliptical Galaxies.- Dust and Gas: Overview.- Ionized Gas in Elliptical Galaxies.- Properties of Elliptical Galaxies with Dust Lanes.- The Cold Interstellar Medium in Elliptical Galaxies - Observations of HI and Radio Continuum Emission.- X-Rays from Elliptical Galaxies.- Star Formation in Cooling Flows.- Mass Distributions in Elliptical Galaxies at Large Radii.- Line Strength Gradients in Early-Type Galaxies.- Population Synthesis of Composite Systems.- The Intrinsic Shapes of Elliptical Galaxies.- Orbits.- Dynamics in the Centres of Triaxial Elliptical Galaxies.- Shells and the Potential Wells of Elliptical Galaxies.- Spherical Galaxies: Methods and Models.- Dynamical Models for Axisymmetric and Triaxial Galaxies.- N-Body Simulations of Elliptical Galaxies.- Stability of Elliptical Galaxies. Theoretical Aspects.- Stability of Elliptical Galaxies. Numerical Experiments.- Formation and Secular Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies.- Dissipationless Formation of Elliptical Galaxies.- Dissipation and the Formation of Galaxies.- Summary.- Posters.- Morphological Properties of Elliptical Galaxies.- Correlations between r1/4-Law Parameters for Bulges and Elliptical Galaxies.- The Core Properties of Elliptical Galaxies.- Surface Photometry of Bright Ellipticals.- Isophotometry of Brightest Cluster Ellipticals.- Investigating the Scatter in the V26 - log ? relation.- On the Relation between Radius, Luminosity and Surface Brightness in Elliptical Galaxies.- The Isophotal Structure of Elliptical Galaxies.- Parent Structures in E and S0 Galaxies?.- Intrinsic Shapes of Elliptical Galaxies From a Statistical Comparison of Two Different Isophotes.- Deprojection of Galaxies: How Much Can Be Learned?.- Disk Rotation Curves in Triaxial Potentials.- A Method To Determine the Intrinsic Axial Ratios of Individual Triaxial Galaxies.- Settling of Gas Disks in Elliptical Galaxies.- Dust in Early Type Galaxies observed at the CFHT.- Detailed Surface Photometry of the Dust-Lane Elliptical NGC 6702.- Boxy Isophotes and Dust Lanes in Bright Virgo Ellipticals.- The Unusual Box-Shaped Elliptical(?) Galaxy IC 3370.- AM2020-5050: an Elliptical Galaxy with an Outer Ring.- Taurus Observations of S0 Polar Ring Galaxies.- The Structure and Kinematics of the Ionized Gas In Centaurus A.- Fabry-Perot Observations of Cen A.- HI Imaging of Radio Active Ellipticals.- The Distribution and Kinematics of Neutral Hydrogen in NGC 807.- Gas, Dust and Radio Emission in Elliptical Galaxies.- The Discovery of Blazar-Type Nuclei in Two Nearby Radio Ellipticals.- Stellar Dynamics of Radio Elliptical Galaxies.- Properties of the X-Ray Emitting Gas in Early Type Galaxies.- Are Cooling Flows Governing E-Galaxy Evolution?.- Metal-Enhanced Galactic Winds.- The Hydrodynamical Evolution of Gas in Young Elliptical Galaxies.- Ultraviolet Energy Distributions of (32) Early-Type Galaxies.- Line-Strength Gradients in Elliptical Galaxies.- Visual-IR Color Gradients in Elliptical Galaxies.- Direct IR Determination of the Stellar Luminosity Function to 0.2 M? in Elliptical Galaxies.- Dynamics of the Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy.- Anisotropy of the Velocity Dispersion in ? Centauri.- Spectroscopy of the Globular Clusters in M87.- The "Jet" of M89: CCD Surface Photometry.- Dwarf Galaxies in the Fornax Cluster.- The Local Density and Morphology Dependence of the Galaxy Luminosity Function.- An Investigation of the Radial Dependence of the Galaxy Luminosity Function in Abell Clusters.- On the Luminosity Function of Elliptical Galaxies.- Spectrophotometry of Shell Galaxies.- Two Colour CCD Photometry of Malin-Carter Shell Galaxies.- Shells and Dark Matter in Elliptical Galaxies.- Shells around Tumbling Bars: The Mass Distribution Around NGC 3923.- Initial Tidal Effects on Shell Formation.- Shells and Encounters of Disk Galaxies with Ellipticals.- Dynamical Friction and Orbit Circularization.- Stochastic Stellar Orbits and the Shapes of Elliptical Galaxies.- Complex Instability Around the Rotation Axis of Triaxial Systems.- Stochasticity in Models of Elliptical Galaxies.- Natural Action-Angle Variables.- Integrals of Motion in an Elliptical Galaxy Model.- Self-consistent Models of Perfect Triaxial Galaxies.- Self-consistent Oblate-Spheroid Models.- Self-consistent Elliptical Disks.- Stellar Dynamics of Needles.- Formal Inversion of the Self-Consistent Problem for Triaxial Galaxies.- Analytic Axisymmetric Dynamical Models with Three Integrals of Motion.- Triaxial Scale-Free Models of Highly Flattened Elliptical Galaxies with Massive Halos.- Box Models without Cylindrical Rotation.- Dynamical Approach to the R1/4 Law of Ellipticals.- Statistical Mechanics and Equilibrium Sequences of Ellipticals.- On the Distribution Function of Elliptical Galaxies.- Towards a Self-consistent Model of a Galaxy.- The Envelopes of Spherical Galaxies.- Spherical Stellar Systems: Structure and Evolution.- Instability Through Anisotropy in Spherical Stellar Systems.- Collisional Effects on the Density Profiles of Spherical Galaxies.- Cold Collapse as a Way of Making Elliptical Galaxies.- Angular Momentum in Elliptical Galaxies.- Violent Relaxation and Mixing in 1-D Gravitational Systems.- The Dynamical Evolution of a Star Cluster.- Numerical Investigation of the Density Distribution of Stars and the Dispersion of Velocities in Spiral Galaxies.- Appendices.- Indices.- Subjects.- Objects.- Names.

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書名 Structure and dynamics of elliptical galaxies : proceedings of the 127th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Princeton, U.S.A., May 27-31, 1986
著作者等 International Astronomical Union. Symposium
Zeeuw, Pieter Timotheus de
Zeeuw T.De
シリーズ名 Symposium
出版元 D. Reidel Pub. Co.
Sold and Kluwer Academic
刊行年月 1987
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