Geometric applications of homotopy theory : proceedings, Evanston, March 21-26, 1977  v. 1 ~ v. 2

edited by M.G. Barratt and M.E. Mahowald


  • Maps between classifying spaces.- Twisted Lie algebras.- Cobordism of sequences of manifolds.- Splittings of MU and other spectra.- Homotopy theory of ?-spaces, spectra, and bisimplicial sets.- Algebraic and geometric connecting homomorphisms in the Adams spectral sequence.- Obstruction theory and K-theory.- The tame homotopy groups of a suspension.- Some tables for formal groups and BP.- On a modified eilenberg-moore theorem.- On the hopf construction associated with a composition.- On the stable decomposition of ??S?A.- Multiplications in two-cell spectra.- Line bundles, cohomology automorphisms, and homotopy rigidity of linear actions.- The construction of small ring spectra.- A? ring spaces and algebraic K-theory.- Cohomology operations and vector fields.- On G and the stable adams conjecture.- Completions of complex cobordism.- The E2-term of Novikov's spectral sequence.- Hypercohomology of topological categories.- A Novice's guide to the adams-novikov spectral sequence.- Some remarks on the lambda algebra.

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  • Fixed point indices and left invariant framings.- Detecting framed manifolds in the 8 and 16 stems.- Algebraic k-theory with coefficients /p.- Torsion with rings for orders and finite groups.- Computations of gelfand-fuks cohomology, the cohomology of function spaces, and the cohomology of configuration spaces.- Torsion free mod p H-spaces.- Representing framed bordism classes by manifolds embedded in low codimension.- The transfer and characteristic classes.- The quillen-grothendieck construction and extensions of pairings.- Endomorphisms of the cohomology ring of finite grassmann manifolds.- Immersing manifolds and 2-equivalence.- Mod 2 homotopy-associative H-spaces.- Lifting actions in fibrations.- Partial transfers.- Algebraic-topological problems in approximation theory.- H-spaces of a given rank.- Two examples on finite H-spaces.- Analytic equivariant K-homology.- Smooth spherical space forms.- Which Group Structures on S3 have a maximal torus?.- G surgery in the homotopy category and K0(Z(G)).- Finite nilpotent group actions on finite complexes.- Constructions of aspherical manifolds.- Embeddings and immersions of manifolds.- Free homotopy theory and localization.

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書名 Geometric applications of homotopy theory : proceedings, Evanston, March 21-26, 1977
著作者等 Barratt, Michael G.
Conference on Geometric Applications of Homotopy Theory
Mahowald, M. E.
Mahowald M. E.
Barratt M. G.
シリーズ名 Lecture notes in mathematics
巻冊次 v. 1
v. 2
出版元 Springer-Verlag
刊行年月 1978
ページ数 2 v.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 038708858X
NCID BA01345861
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言語 英語
出版国 ドイツ