Mathematical foundations of computer science 1980 : proceedings of the 9th symposium held in Rydzyna, Poland, September 1-5, 1980

edited by P. Dembiński


  • Formal description of programming concepts.- Electronic category theory.- An essay about research on sparse NP complete sets.- Some theoretical aspects of applicative multiprocessing.- On some discrete optimization problems in mass storage systems.- Abstract data types: A retrospective and prospective view.- Controlling behaviours of systems : Some basic concepts and some applications.- Conceptual relations between databases transformed under join and projection.- The weighted Sperner's Set problem.- Proof of a concurrent program finding Euler paths.- A theoretical basis for the systematic proof method.- Consistent semantics for a data flow language.- Analog processes.- An extended polymorphic type system for applicative languages.- A criterion of undecidability of algorithmic theories.- On finding the optimal access path to resolve a relational data base query.- Compound algebraic implementations: An approach to stepwise refinement of software systems.- On and/or schemes.- A term model for CCS.- A mathematical approach to multi-pass parsing.- Abstract implementation of abstract data types.- Parallel algorithms in graph theory: Planarity testing (preliminary version).- On atomic nets and concurrency relations.- Node-label controlled graph grammars (Extended abstract).- A method to compare the descriptive power of different types of Petrinets.- A simple class of algorithmic specifications for abstract software modules.- Inducing patterns of behaviour in distributed system parts.- Van wijngaarden grammars as a special information processing model.- Approaches to concurrency in B-trees.- On a subclass of pseudopolynomial problems.- Decidability of reachability in persistent vector replacement systems.- Generalized heapsort.- Decidability results on a query language for data bases with incomplete information.- New results on completeness and consistency of abstract data types.- Asymptotic complexity of game-searching procedures.- Completeness in classical logic of complex algorithms.- Initially - Restricting algebraic theories.- Schemes for nonsequential processing systems.- Dynamic algebras which are not Kripke structures.- Time and space bounds in producing certain partial orders.- Axioms of algorithmic logic univocally determine semantics of programs.- A logical approach to the problem "P=NP?".- Verifying concurrent system specifications in COSY.- Deadlocks and livelocks in transition systems.- Descriptional complexity of concurrent processes (preliminary version).- A uniform approach to applicative and imperative features in programming languages.- A resource allocation problem.- An 0(n 2 lognloglogn) expected time algorithm for the all shortest distance problem.- Decision complexity of variants of propositional dynamic logic.- Relativized obliviousness.- Abstract data types as lattices of finitely generated models.- The LR(k) parser.- Substitution systems - A family of system models based on concurrency.

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書名 Mathematical foundations of computer science 1980 : proceedings of the 9th symposium held in Rydzyna, Poland, September 1-5, 1980
著作者等 Dembiński, Piotr
Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
Dembinski P.
シリーズ名 Lecture notes in computer science
出版元 Springer-Verlag
刊行年月 1980
ページ数 viii, 723 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 038710027X
NCID BA01341725
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言語 英語
出版国 ドイツ