Fjord oceanography : [proceedings of the NATO Conference on Fjord Oceanography, held in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, June 4-8, 1979, and sponsored by the NATO Special Program Panel on Marine Sciences]

edited by Howard J. Freeland and David M. Farmer and Colin D. Levings


  • Introductory Papers.- Pacific Fjords - A Review of their Water Characteristics.- Why Biologists are Interested in Fjords.- Physical Processes.- The Fluid Mechanical Problem of Fjord Circulations.- Topographic Effects in Stratified Fluids.- Barotropic and Baroclinic Response of a Semi-Enclosed Basin to Barotropic Forcing from the Sea.- A Linear Model of Internal Tides in Sill Fjords.- Tidaily-Forced Stratified Flow over Sills.- Geostrophic Fronts.- Modelling of Mixing Processes in the Surface Layers of the Ocean.- Experimental Simulation of the 'Retreat' of the Seasonal Thermocline by Surface Heating.- Turbulent Entrainment at a Buoyancy Interface due to Convective Turbulence.- Energetics of Mixing Processes in Fjords.- Mixing and Exchange Processes in a Small Greenland Sill-Fjord.- Mixing Experiments in Fjords.- Tracer Measurement of Mixing in the Deep Water of a Small, Stratified Sill-Fjord.- Estimation of Vertical Mixing Rates in Fjords Using Naturally Occurring Radon-222 and Salinity as Tracers.- Recent Observations in Knight Inlet.- Mixing Induced by Internal Hydraulic Disturbances in the Vicinity of Sills.- Generation of Lee Waves over the Sill in Knight Inlet.- The Hydrography of Knight Inlet, B.C., in the Light of Long's Model of Fjord Circulation.- Turbulence Measurements through a Train of Breaking Internal Waves in Knight Inlet, B.C..- Finite Element Computation of the Barotropic Tides in Knight Inlet, British Columbia.- The Distribution of Zooplankton Communities in a Glacial Run-Off Fjord and Exchanges with the Open Sea.- Circulation Studies.- An Unusual Polynya in an Arctic Fjord.- Seasonal Observations of Low Frequency Atmospheric Forcing in th Strait of Juan de Fuca.- Vertical Structure of Fluctuating Currents in the Strait of Juan de Fuca.- Physical Oceanography of the New Zealand Fjords.- A Way to Measure the Residual Flow in the Limfjord - Denmark.- Controlling Impact of Changes in Fjord Hydrology.- Water Movements Traced by Metals Dissolved from Mine Tailings Deposited in a Fjord in North-West Greenland.- Exchange Processes above Sill Level between Fjords and Coastal Water.- Particulate Matter Exchange Processes between the Saint Lawrence Estuary and the Saguenay Fjord.- Zooplankton Variability in Skjomen, Northern Norway and Exchanges with the Outer Fjord..- Mean Field Distributions of a Dissolved Substance in the Vicinity of Branches in a Fjord System.- Pelagic Ecology.- Pelagic Productivity and Food Chains in Fjord Systems.- How the Zooplankton Community may vary within a Single Fjord System.- A Preliminary Examination of Zooplankton Species Groupings and Associated Oceanographically Defined Regions along the British Columbia Mainland Coast.- Gadoid Populations of Western Scottish Sea-Lochs and their Exchanges with West Coast Stocks.- Phytoplankton Biology of Saanich Inlet, B.C..- Echo-Sounding and Ecology.- Variability in Sea-Loch Phytoplankton.- Amino Acid Fluxes in Marine Plankton Communities Contained in CEPEX Bags.- Biochemical Components as Indicators of Seasonal Condition of Deep-Water Zooplankton.- Deep-Water Exchange and its Effects.- Deep-Water Renewal in Fjords.- The Tidal Jet in Rupert-Holberg Inlet.- Effect of Oxygen Deficiency on Benthic Macrofauna in Fjords.- Benthic Biology of a Dissolved Oxygen Deficiency Event in Howe Sound, B.C..- Renewal and Entrainroent in Loch Eil: A Periodically Ventilated Scottish Fjord.- Deep-Water Renewals in the Frierfjord - An Intermittently Anoxic Basin.- A Radiotracer Study of Water Renewal and Sedimentation in a Scottish Fjord.- Description of Water Renewal Processes in the Gros Mecatina Estuary.- Characteristics of Flow over a Sill during Deep-Water Renewal.- Benthic Ecology.- The Meiobenthos of Fjords: A Review and Prospectus.- The Macrobenthos of Fjords.- The Effect of Sedimentation on Rocky Bottom Organisms in Balsfjord, Northern Norway.- Suprabenthic Gammaridean Amphipoda (Crustacea) in the Plankton of the Saguenay Fjord, Quebec.- Sedimentation.- Flocculation, Agglomeration and Zooplankton Pelletization of Suspended Sediment in a Fjord Receiving Glacial Meltwater.- Depositional Processes in an Anoxic, High Sedimentation Regime in the Saguenay Fjord.- Observations of the Sedimentary Environments of Fjords on Cumberland Peninsula, Baffin Island.- Volume of Water Pumped and Particulate Matter Deposited by the Iceland Scallop (Chlamys Islandica) in Balsfjord, Northern Norway.- Fjord Chemistry.- Sediment Surface Reactions in Fjord Basins.- Redox Dependent Processes in the Transition from Oxic to Anoxic Conditions: An in situ Study Concerning Remineralization, Nutrient Release and Heavy Metal Solubilization.- Reaction and Flux of Manganese within the Oxic Sediment and Basin Water of an Alaskan Fjord.- Sediment-Seawater Exchanges of Nutrients and Transition Metals in an Alaskan Fjord.- Redox Species in a Reducing Fjord: The Oxidation Rate of Manganese II.- Cr Species in Saanich and Jervis Inlets.- The Chemistry of Suspended Particulate Matter from Two Oxygen Deficient Norwegian Fjords - with Special Reference to Manganese.- Fluorescence Measurements of Humic Substances and Lignin Sulfonates in a Fjord System.- Index of Geographic Names.- Index of Taxonomic Names.

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書名 Fjord oceanography : [proceedings of the NATO Conference on Fjord Oceanography, held in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, June 4-8, 1979, and sponsored by the NATO Special Program Panel on Marine Sciences]
著作者等 Farmer David M.
Freeland Howard J.
Freeland Howard
Levings Colin D.
Nato Special Program Panel on Marine Science
North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Scientific Affairs Division
NATO Conference on Fjord Oceanography (1979 : Victoria B.C.)
シリーズ名 NATO conference series
出版元 Published in coordination with NATO Scientific Affairs Division by Plenum Press
刊行年月 c1980
ページ数 xiv, 715 p.
大きさ 26 cm
ISBN 0306404397
NCID BA01270343
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国