Papers in the history of linguistics : proceedings of the Third International Conference on the History of the Language Sciences (ICHoLS III), Princeton, 19-23 August 1984

edited by Hans Aarsleff, Louis G. Kelly & Hans-Josef Niederehe

This volume presents a selection of - slightly revised versions - of papers from the third International Conference on the History of the Language Sciences (ICHoLS III), Princeton, 1984. The papers are organized under the following headings: I Generalia; II Classical Period; III Medieval Period; IV Renaissance; V 17th Century; VI 18th Century; VII 19th Century, and VIII 20th Century. Contributors include W. Keith Percival, Aron Dotan, Michael G. Carter, Kees Versteegh, Brian O Cuiv, Francis P. Dinneen, Manuel Breva-Claramonte, Douglas A. Kibbee, Joseph L. Subbiondo, Rudiger Schreyer, Marc Wilmet, Robert H. Robins, Jean Rousseau, Ramon Sarmiento, Edward Stankiewicz, Irmengard Rauch, Talbot J. Taylor, Julie Andresen, and many others.

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  • 1. Foreword, pix
  • 2. Conference Program, pxi
  • 3. List of Participants, pxix
  • 4. I. Generalia
  • 5. Stolen Paradigms: Stammbaum to Black Box (by Gilman, Charles), p3
  • 6. On the Problem of 'Influence' in Linguistic Historiography (by Koerner, E.F.K.), p13
  • 7. Linguistics and Economics (by Muecke, Stephen), p29
  • 8. II. Classical Period
  • 9. Panini, Language Theories and the Dialectics of Grammar (by Lele, Jayant K.), p43
  • 10. Aristotelian Categorial Theory Viewed as a Theory of Componential Semantics (by McMahon, William E.), p53
  • 11. On Priscian's Syntactic Theory: The medieval perspective (by Percival, W. Keith), p65
  • 12. III. Medieval Period
  • 13. From the Beginning of Medieval Hebrew-Arabic Lexicography (by Dotan, Aron), p77
  • 14. When Did the Word na w Come to Denote Grammar? (Abstract) (by Carter, Michael G.), p85
  • 15. Marginality in the Arab Grammatical Tradition (by Versteegh, Kees), p87
  • 16. A Medieval Arab Theory of Language Acquisition (by Ibrahim, Muhammad H.), p97
  • 17. The Observations of Medieval Irish Scholars on Sandhi Phenomena in Irish (by Cuiv, Brian o), p107
  • 18. Supposition in Petrus Hispanus' Summulae Logicales (by Dinneen, Francis P.), p117
  • 19. Dante's notion of the vulgare illustre: a reappraisal (by Mazzocco, Angelo), p129
  • 20. Vernacular Translation and Instruction in Grammar in Fifteenth-Century England (by Copeland, Rita), p143
  • 21. IV. Renaissance
  • 22. La Lexicografia espanola desde los principios hasta el ano 1599 (by Niederehe, Hans-Josef), p157
  • 23. A Re-Analysis of Juan-Luis Vives' (1492-1540) 'Exercitatio Linguae Latinae' (by Breva-Claramonte, Manuel), p167
  • 24. Bilingual Lexicography in the Renaissance: Palsgrave's English-French Lexicon (1530) (by Kibbee, Douglas A.), p179
  • 25. John Donne's Moralized Grammar: A study in Renaissance Christian Hebraica (by Hill, Eugene D.), p189
  • 26. V. Seventeenth Century
  • 27. What is Mystical Language? (by Willard, Thomas), p201
  • 28. Ellipsis in Seventeenth-Century English Grammars (by Smith, Robin), p211
  • 29. Early New England Missionary Linguistics (by Guice, Stephen A.), p223
  • 30. Usage and Reason in Seventeenth-Century French Grammar: A fresh look at Vaugelas (by Ayres-Bennett, Wendy), p233
  • 31. Style and Utopia: Sprat's demand for a plain style, reconsidered (by Hullen, Werner), p247
  • 32. John Wilkins' Theory of Articulatory Phonetics (by Subbiondo, Joseph L.), p263
  • 33. John Wilkins and the Development of a Structural Semantics (by Dolezal, Fredric), p271
  • 34. The Study of the Article in England from Wallis to Horne Tooke, 1653-1798 (by Joly, Andre), p283
  • 35. VI. Eighteenth Century
  • 36. Linguistics Meets Caliban or the Uses of Savagery in 18th-Century Theoretical History of Language (by Schreyer, Rudiger), p301
  • 37. Semantique synonymique: Une contre-rhetorique Condillac et Diderot (by Choul, J-C.), p315
  • 38. Une 'filiere francaise': La posterite de Beauzee (by Wilmet, Marc), p327
  • 39. Die Grundlegung der empirischen Sprachwissenschaft als 'Wissenschaft am Menschen' (by Gessinger, Joachim), p335
  • 40. Language Theory, the Institution of Philology and the State: The emergence of philological discourse 1770-1810 (by Leventhal, Robert S.), p349
  • 41. Wilhelm Heinse's Critique of Enlightenment Semiotics (by Rickels, Laurence A.), p365
  • 42. Language Policy of the East India Company and the Asiatic Society of Bengal (by Pachori, Satya S.), p377
  • 43. Sir William Jones and Applied Linguistics (by Cannon, Garland), p379
  • 44. Sir William Jones and Phonetic Transcription (by Salus, Peter H.), p391
  • 45. Language, Ethics and Ideology: Dugald Stewart's 'Common Sense' critique of empiricist historical and genetic linguistics (by Bergheaud, Patrice), p399
  • 46. VII. Nineteenth Century
  • 47. Les grammaires francaises a l'usage des Neerlandophones en Belgique (de 1763 a 1925) (by Boone, Annie), p417
  • 48. Duponceau and Early Nineteenth-Century Linguistics (by Robins, Robert H.), p435
  • 49. The First Uses of the French Word 'Linguistique' (1812-1880) (by Auroux, Sylvain), p447
  • 50. Les trois methodes de la comparaison chez Wilhelm von Humboldt (by Rousseau, Jean), p461
  • 51. Schematismus: Wilhelm von Humboldt und Schleiermacher (by Heeschen, Volker), p465
  • 52. Coleridge's 'Logic': A systematic theory of language (by McKusick, James C.), p479
  • 53. Steinthal and the Development of Linguistic Science: The convergence of psychology and linguistics (by Christy, T. Craig), p491
  • 54. Ethnic Stereotypes in Linguistics: The Case of Friedrich Max Muller (1847-51) (by Leopold, Joan), p501
  • 55. Organic Language Theory in the American Renaissance (by Warren, James Perrin), p513
  • 56. The Grammatical Philosophies of the Spanish Royal Academy (1870) (by Sarmiento Gonzalez, Ramon), p523
  • 57. Baudouin de Courtenay: Pioneer in diachronic linguistics (by Stankiewicz, Edward), p539
  • 58. VIII. Twentieth Century
  • 59. Problematique du substrat et histoire de la creolistique (1879-1939) (by Baggioni, Daniel), p553
  • 60. Dependency Theory since Grimm (by Maxwell, Hugh), p565
  • 61. Peirce, Saussure, Uexkull (by Rauch, Irmengard), p575
  • 62. Historical Narrative or Scientific Discipline?: Fritz Mauthner on the limits of linguistics (by Bredeck, Elizabeth J.), p585
  • 63. Antoine Meillet et la methode en linguistique (by Swiggers, Pierre), p595
  • 64. The Place of Charles Bally in the Lockean Tradition (by Taylor, Talbot J.), p607
  • 65. La Stylistique de Charles Bally: Une linguistique du sujet parlant (by Chiss, Jean-Louis), p615
  • 66. Trubetzkoy before Trubetzkoy (by Toman, Jindrich), p627
  • 67. Ukrainian Linguistics in Exile (1918-1984) (by Rudnyckyj, Jaroslav B.), p639
  • 68. Historiographic Observations on a Current Issue in American Linguistics (by Andresen, Julie T.), p647
  • 69. Dual-Coding Hypotheses in Various Guises (by Kelly, L.G.), p657
  • 70. (R)REST: Chomskys Annaherung an Saussures 'langue' - Konzeption? (by Boas, Hans Ulrich), p665
  • 71. General Index, p677

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書名 Papers in the history of linguistics : proceedings of the Third International Conference on the History of the Language Sciences (ICHoLS III), Princeton, 19-23 August 1984
著作者等 Aarsleff, Hans
International Conference on the History of the Language Sciences
Kelly, L. G.
Niederehe, Hans-Josef
Kelly L. G.
シリーズ名 Amsterdam studies in the theory and history of linguistic science
出版元 J. Benjamins Pub. Co.
刊行年月 1987
ページ数 xxv, 680 p.
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ISBN 9027245215
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