Speech motor dynamics in stuttering  U.S. ~ Austria

edited by H.F.M. Peters, W. Hulstijn

The last five to ten years have shown a remarkable increase in research which tries to uncover the dynamics of speech motor processes behind fluent and dysfluent speech. This book presents a comprehensive state-of-the-art picture of recent developments and future directions in theory and research in speech motor control and physiological mechanisms in stuttering. Leading authorities present and discuss the main theories of speech motor control in speech and stuttering, i.e. action theory, programming models, and the multilevel control model. The broad scope of recent developments in research in speech motor coordination using simultaneous measurements is described. New methods in recording and processing speech motor processes and the acoustical signal are presented in more detail (i.e. brain electrical mapping technique, X-ray micro beam pellet tracking technique, and procedures in acoustical analysis). Much attention is devoted to progress in methodological approaches by tutorial papers on the relationship between acoustical measures, physiological parameters and chapters on the methodological aspects of simultaneous measurements. The problems in studying young stutterers's speech production are also discussed at length.

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  • One Historical Review.- 1 Laryngeal and articulatory behavior in stuttering: past and future.- Two Models in Speech Motor Production.- Overview.- 2 Action theory as a description of the speech process.- 3 Programming of speech and nonspeech motor activity.- 4 Multilevel control model for speech motor activity.- Three Methods in Research in Speech Motor Production.- Overview.- 5 Methodological aspects of simultaneous measurements: limitations and possibilities.- 6 Acoustical analysis and physiological parameters.- 7 Studying young stutterers' speech productions: a procedural challenge.- 8 Measuring stutterers' dynamical vocal tract characteristics by X-ray microbeam pallet tracking.- 9 Brain electrical activity mapping: applications to vocal motor control disorders.- 10 Dynamic characteristics of vocal frequency tracking in stutterers and nonstutterers.- Four Research on Coordination and Timing of Speech Motor Processes.- Overview.- 11 Labial and laryngeal reaction times of stutterers and nonstutterers.- 12 Programming and initiation of speech utterances in stuttering.- 13 Coordination of prephonatory events in mild and severe stutterers.- 14 Coordination of laryngeal and supralaryngeal behavior in stutterers.- 15 Subgrouping young stutterers: a physiological perspective.- 16 Aerodynamic functions in fluent speech utterances of stutterers and nonstutterers in different speech conditions.- 17 A speech motor control perspective on stuttering: preliminary observations.- 18 Labial coarticulation in stutterers and normal speakers: a pilot study.- 19 Acoustic and electrophysiologic correlates of stuttering and early developmental reactions.- Five Acoustic Analysis of Speech Production.- Overview.- 20 Perceptual and acoustic evaluation of stuttering therapy.- 21 Voice onset abruptness in stutterers before and after therapy.- 22 A comprehensive computer program for facilitating fluency in stutterers.- 23 Articulatory rate, stuttering and speech motor control.- 24 Speech rate and syllable durations in stutterers and nonstutterers.- 25 The effects of fluency-inducing conditions on the variability in the duration of laryngeal movements during stutterers' fluent speech.- 26 Duration variations in the fluent speech of stutterers and nonstutterers.- 27 A model of stuttering and the production of speech under delayed auditory feedback conditions.- 28 Factors affecting fluency in stutterers when speaking under altered auditory feedback.- 29 Acoustic analysis of repetitions in stutterers' speech.- 30 Coarticulation and stuttering: an acoustic and electropalatographic study.- 31 Stuttering as a prosodic disturbance: a link between speech execution and emotional processes.- Author Index.

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書名 Speech motor dynamics in stuttering
著作者等 Hulstijn, W.
Peters, Herman F. M.
Sint Radboudziekenhuis. Dept. of Speech Pathology
Hulstijn W.
Peters Henriette
巻冊次 U.S.
出版元 Springer-Verlag
刊行年月 c1987
ページ数 xv, 420 p.
大きさ 26 cm
ISBN 3211819711
NCID BA01254201
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言語 英語
出版国 オーストリア