A primer on determinism

John Earman


  • I. Introduction.- II. Defining Determinism.- 1. Classical Determinism: the Vision and the Context.- 2. What Determinism is Not: Cause and Effect.- 3. Predictability: Laplace's Demon.- 4. Predictability: Popper's Demon.- 5. Russell's Definition.- 6. What Determinism Is.- 7. Fear and Loathing.- 8. Democracy and Symmetry.- 9. Non-Laplacian Varieties of Determinism.- 10. Che Sara Sara.- 11. Deterministic Theories.- 12. Conclusion.- III. Determinism in Classical Physics.- 1. Classical Worlds.- 2. The Apparent Failure of Determinism in Leibnizian Physics.- 3. Leibniz's Response.- 4. Newtonian Space-time.- 5. Newtonian Particle Mechanics.- 6. Determinism at Bay.- 7. Determinism at Sea.- 8. Life Rafts.- 9. Infinite Billiards.- 10. Heat.- 11. Walling Out.- 12. Old Heat.- 13. Don't Fence Me In.- 14. Classical Electromagnetism.- 15. Shock(ing) Waves.- 16. Viscous fluids.- 17. Conclusion.- IV. Determinism in Special Relativistic Physics.- 1. Special Relativistic Worlds.- 2. Domains of Dependence.- 3. The Relativistic Formulation of Laplacian Determinism.- 4. Laplacian Determinism - At Last!.- 5. Higher Dimensions and Weak Solutions
  • Huygens' Principle.- 6. Domains of Prediction.- 7. Particle Motion: Retarded and Advanced Action-at-a-distance.- 8. Instantaneous Action-at-a-distance.- 9. Tachyons.- 10. Conclusion.- V. Determinism and Laws of Nature.- 1. Hume's Definitions of 'Cause'.- 2. The Naive Regularity Account.- 3. The Empiricist Constraints.- 4. Mill, Ramsey, and Lewis.- 5. Deductive Systematization: a Closer Look.- 6. Laws as Universal and Eternal Truths.- 7. Defeasibility and Degrees of Lawfulness.- 8. Challenges to the Regularity Account of Laws.- 9. Dispositions: the Garden Variety Type.- 10. Tooley's Case.- 11. Nomic Necessity.- 12. Laws as Contingent Relations Among Universais.- 13. Conclusion.- VI. Determinism, Mechanism, and Effective Computability.- 1. Turing Machines.- 2. Determinism and Effective Computability: First Try.- 3. Grzegorczyk Computability.- 4. Determinism and Effective Computability: Ordinary Differential Equations.- 5. Determinism and Effective Computability: Partial Differential Equations.- 6. Extended Computability.- 7. Generalized Computability.- 8. Objections
  • Church's Thesis Revisited.- 9. Conclusion.- VII. Determinism and Time Symmetries.- 1. The Received View.- 2. Time Translation Invariance.- 3. Recurrence: Conditional and Unconditional.- 4. Time Reversal Invariance.- 5. Time Reversal Invariance and Futuristic and Historical Determinism.- 6. Determinism Plus Time Translation Invariance Imply Periodicity.- 7. Mill, Russell, Feigl, and Nagel: Vindicated?.- 8. Mill, Russell, Feigl, and Nagel: Refuted?.- 9. Russell and Feigl: Defended.- 10. Mill, Russell, Feigl, and Nagel: Modified and Qualified.- 11. Preview: General Relativity and Time Symmetries.- VIII. Determinism, Randomness, and Chaos.- 1. Defining Randomness.- 2. Randomness, Disorder, and Computational Complexity.- 3. Biased Coins.- 4. Utter Chaos.- 5. Determinism and Performance Randomness.- 6. Physical Probabilities: Frequencies or Propensities?.- IX. Determinism, Instability, and Apparent Randomness.- 1. Stability and Instability for Fields.- 2. Classical Dynamical Systems.- 3. Macro-randomness: What We Want.- 4. Macro-randomness: Can We Have What We Want?.- 5. Instability in Classical Particle Systems.- 6. Strange Attractors.- 7. Conclusion.- Appendix: the Baker's Transformation.- X. Determinism in General Relativistic Physics.- 1. General Relativistic Worlds.- 2. Time Slices.- 3. Partitioning by Time Slices.- 4. Causality Conditions.- 5. The Status of Causality Conditions.- 6. Cauchy Surfaces.- 7. The Cauchy Initial Value Problem.- 8. The Significance of the Cauchy Initial Value Problem.- 9. Laplacian Determinism in the Medium and the Small.- 10. Singularities.- 11. Cosmic Censorship.- 12. Prediction.- 13. Geometrodynamics.- 14. The Characteristic Initial Value Problem.- 15. Conclusion.- XI. Determinism in Quantum Physics.- 1. Quantum Mechanics as More Deterministic than Classical Mechanics.- 2. The Quantum State: a Closer Look.- 3. The Projection Postulate.- 4. The Incompleteness of Quantum Mechanics: Joint Probabilities.- 5. The Theorems of Gleason and Kochen-Specker.- 6. Bell's Theorem.- 7. Realism and the Incompleteness of Quantum Mechanics.- 8. The Problem of Measurement.- 9. The Insolubility of the Measurement Problem.- 10. Determinism and Quantum Mechanics.- 11. Indeterminism, Randomness, and Stochasticity.- 12. Conclusion.- XII. Determinism and Free Will.- 1. Moral and Legal Responsibility and the Compatibilist Position.- 2. Tropisms.- 3. Indeterministic Actions and the Possibility of a Science of Human Behavior.- 4. Conclusion.- Final Exam.- Index of Names.

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書名 A primer on determinism
著作者等 Earman, John
シリーズ名 The University of Western Ontario series in philosophy of science
出版元 D.Reidel
Sold and Kluwer Academic
刊行年月 c1986
ページ数 xiv, 273 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9027722412
NCID BA01229350
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ