Semiotics and pragmatics : an evaluative comparison of conceptual frameworks

Herman Parret

Looking at the 'semiotic landscape' - the panorama of constituted semiotics - two traditions seem to have developed separately and without interpenetration. Anglo-Saxon semioticians consider the Peircean framework to provide the adequate conceptual apparatus, whereas so-called 'Continental' semioticians refer to the sign theory in Saussure and in its interpretation by Hjelmslev (for instance, the Ecole semiotique de Paris). Evaluating each other's projects, methods, and results could lead to a balanced view. The purpose of this monograph is to get the best out of the adequate insights from both sides, and to make suggestions how the semioticians from the Peircean or Saussuro-Hjelmslevian school can be removed from their isolationist positions. A comparison and homologation of these two orientations will be carried out from the angle of the impact of pragmaticism on both semiotic orientations. How intentionality, action, conventionality, interlocution are integrated in both orientations will be given particular emphasis.

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  • 1. 0. Introduction: Semiotics and Pragmatics - Their Unity and Diversity, p1
  • 2. 1. Semiotics as a Paradigm, p5
  • 3. 1.1. First Philosophies, p5
  • 4. 1.2. The semiotic subdisciplines and their intermediation, p8
  • 5. 1.3. Normative semiotics, p14
  • 6. 2. The Two Semiotics: Peirce and Hjelmslev, p23
  • 7. 2.1. The nature of semiotics, p23
  • 8. 2.2. The objects of semiotics, p41
  • 9. 2.3. The method of semiotics, p64
  • 10. 3. The Homologation of Semiotics and Pragmatics, p89
  • 11. 3.1. The pragmatist mark, p89
  • 12. 3.2. The pragmatic attitude, p93
  • 13. 3.3. The pragmatic turn of semiotics, p106
  • 14. 4. Conclusion: Disciplinary Isotopy, Interdisciplinary Analogy, and Transdisciplinary Homologation, p127
  • 15. References, pl29
  • 16. Index of Names, pl35

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書名 Semiotics and pragmatics : an evaluative comparison of conceptual frameworks
著作者等 Parret, Herman
シリーズ名 Pragmatics & beyond : an interdisciplinary series of language studies
出版元 J. Benjamins
刊行年月 1983
ページ数 xii, 136 p.
大きさ 22 cm
ISBN 902722532X
NCID BA01200803
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ