Morality within the life- and social world : interdisciplinary phenomenology of the authentic life in the "moral sense"

edited by Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka


  • I Primogenital Meaning-Bestowing in the Making of the Specifically Human Life-World and the Phenomenology of the "Moral Sense".- The "Moral Point of View" in Tymieniecka's The Moral Sense.- Some Truths about Morality.- The Axiological Dimension of the Human Being (Concerning the Moral Sense in the Thought of A-T. Tymieniecka).- The Vital Connection.- Value-Acquiring (Wertnehmung) and Meaning-Bestowal (Sinnzueignung).- II Questions of Approach Revisited: Methodologies, Rationality, Theory.- Rationalitat, Perspektive und Regelbezug: Vorarbeiten zu einer intentionalen Psychopathologie.- Konstruktiv-phanomenologische Erorterung der Voraussetzungen einer kunstlichen Intelligenzforschung.- The "Life-World" as a Moral Problem in Merleau-Ponty.- Experiences de methodologie phenomenologique: L'historiographie.- The Presuppositions of Meaning-Bestowing (Sinngebung) in the Life-World: Existence versus Theory.- Scheler's Evolving Methodologies.- III Factors of Morality Emergent within the Life-World Context.- Moral Responsibility and Practice in the Life-World.- On the Autonomy of the Moral Agent.- Kierkegaard on Choosing Oneself and the Ground of the "Moral Sense".- Conscience and Moral Responsibility.- Zen Morality within This World.- Society, Time, and Religious Imagination.- Morality and Corporeality.- The "Life-World" and the Axiological Approach in Ethics.- IV Dimensions of Moral Experience-with-the-Other.- Empathy and the Moral Point of View.- The Faces of Compassion: Toward a Post-Metaphysical Ethics.- The Moral Sense of Education in William James' Philosophy.- V Intersubjectivity and the Modalities of Moral Communication.- The Phenomenology of the Thou.- The Curvature of Inter-subjective Space: Sociality and Responsibility in the Thought of Emmanuel Levinas.- Phenomenology and Communicative Ethics.- Art and Creativity in the Encounter between the Healthy and the Ill Person - The Moral Sense of Being Ill.- The Phenomenology of States of Health and Its Consequences for the Physician.- VI Truth, Norms, Freedom.- What Is Truth According to Husserl's Life-World.- What Is Truth?.- La verite selon Hermes.- Norm and Facticity: Some Remarks on a Paradox of the Concept of the Life-World.- The Dialectics of "Freedom" and "Unfreedom" in the Psychiatric View.- Truth According to Eric Weil's Logic of Philosophy.- Truth, Freedom, Art and the Task of the Social Sciences.- Truth in Religious Experience.- The "Truth" of Religion.- Norm and Value in the Horizon of the "Life-World".- VII Controversies Concerning the Technological Meaningfulness of the Human World.- Technics, Ethics, and the Question of Phenomenology.- Nietzsches Thematisierung der Lebenswelt.- The Good in a Technological Society.- Closure in Retrospect: Edmund Husserl's Moral Ideal for Mankind.- Life-World, History, and Ethics in a Husserlian Perspective.- The Evolution of Human Wisdom and Its Role in the Moral Education of Future Mankind.- The Universal Message of Husserl's Ethics: An Explication of Some Ethical Premises in Transcendental Phenomenology.- Annex.- Index of Names.

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書名 Morality within the life- and social world : interdisciplinary phenomenology of the authentic life in the "moral sense"
著作者等 International Phenomenology Congress
Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa
World Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research and Learning
シリーズ名 Analecta Husserliana : the yearbook of phenomenological research
出版元 D. Reidel Pub. Co.
Sold and Kluwer Academic
刊行年月 c1987
ページ数 xv, 586 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 9027724113
NCID BA01191611
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言語 フランス語
出版国 オランダ