The role of systems methodology in social science research

Roger E. Cavallo


  • 1. Science and Scientism.- 1.1. The Social Sciences and the Analytical Method.- 1.2. Hucksterism in Economics.- 1.3. The Systems Paradigm and the Re-emphasis of Interaction.- 1.4. The Status of Mathematical Research.- 1.5. General Systems Methodology and Empirical Research.- 1.6. The Influence of Cybernetics.- 1.7. Lessons from the Situation in Physics.- 2. General Systems Methodology as Language.- 2.1. Thematic Influences on Knowledge.- 2.2. Methodological and Pragmatist Emphases.- 2.3. General Systems Research as a Methodological Language.- 3. Basic Concepts.- 3.1. Categorization and Uncertainty.- 3.2. Epistemological Levels.- 3.3. Primitive Concepts.- 3.4. System Traits.- 3.5. Basic System Types.- 3.5.1. Object Systems.- 3.5.2. General Image Systems.- 3.5.3. Data Systems.- 3.6. Higher Level Systems.- 3.6.1. Framework/Investigator Interface.- 3.6.2. Behavior Systems.- 4. Generative Systems.- 4.1. Introduction.- 4.2. Representation of Source Systems.- 4.3. Representation of Data Systems.- 4.4. Definition of Mask.- 4.5. Choice of Best Mask, Sampling Scheme and Behavior System.- 4.5.1. General Considerations.- 4.5.2. Approximation versus Complexity.- 4.5.3. System Identification.- 4.5.4. Relations to the Social Sciences.- 4.5.5. Pragmatism and Uncertainty.- 5. Structure Systems.- 5.1. General Considerations.- 5.2. Definition of Structure.- 5.3. Structural Derivations.- 5.4. Separability in Design.- 5.5. Summary of Fundamental Concepts.- 6. GSPS.- I: An Organized Methodological Framework.- 6.1. Knowledge as Process.- 6.2. 'Theory' and Data in the Social Sciences.- 6.3. General Systems Problem Solving.- 6.3.1. GSPS.- 6.3.2. System Types.- 6.3.3. Problem Kinds.- 6.3.4. Requirement Types and Problem Types
  • Particular Systems, Requirements, and Problems.- 6.3.5. Formal Description.- 6.3.6. Summary.- 6.4. GSPS as an Interactive Framework.- II: General Systems Problem Solving and the Study of Domestic Conflict.- 6.5. Introduction.- 6.6. The Need for General Operational Methods.- 6.7. Past Work.- 6.8. Systems Problems Related to Source, Data and Behavior Systems.- 6.8.1. Source System and Data System.- 6.8.2. Behavior Systems.- Memoryless Behavior.- Memory Effects.- 6.9. Systems Problems Related to Structure.- 6.10. GSPS and Theory Construction.- 6.11. Further Directions for Investigation.- Appendices.- References.- Indices.

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書名 The role of systems methodology in social science research
著作者等 Cavallo, Roger E.
シリーズ名 Frontiers in systems research
出版元 M. Nijhoff
刊行年月 1979
ページ数 ix, 202 p.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 0898380057
NCID BA0091990X
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国