Nonradial and nonlinear stellar pulsation : proceedings of a workshop held at the University of Arizona in Tucson, March 12-16, 1979

edited by H.A. Hill and W.A. Dziembowski


  • Observational evidence of radial mode resonances and of nonspherical symmetry in some variable stars of ? Scuti and related types.- ? Scuti variables: The link between giant- and dwarf-type pulsators.- Nonlinear calculations for bump Cepheids.- A nonlinear study of AI Velorum.- Nonlinear ? Scuti models: The main sequence catastrophe?.- A program to observe very low amplitude radial velocity variations in ? Scuti stars.- Pulsation modes in B stars with variable line profiles.- The stability of the ? Cephei stars.- Multiperiodicity and nonradial oscillations of the ? Cephei star 12 lacertae.- New ? Cephei stars and the ? cephei instability strip.- 16 Lacertae: An eclipsing system with a ? Cephei primary.- Linear, nonadiabatic pulsation calculations for models of upper main sequence and ? cephei stars.- Importance of studying ? Cephei stars in open clusters and associations.- Pulsation of high luminosity helium stars.- Some comments about ? Cephei stars.- Observational evidence for global oscillations of the sun: A review.- The latest results of the velocity spectroscopy of the sun.- Implications of the whole-disk Doppler observations of the sun.- Observations of long period oscillations in the solar limb darkening function.- Solar continuum brightness oscillations: A progress report.- Recent observations of solar oscillations at SCLERA.- Sources of noise in solar limb definitions.- Observations with high temporal resolution of the solar Ca+ K line.- Excitation of solar G modes with periods near 160 minutes.- The collective excitation of g-modes in the sun.- Comments on gravity mode excitation mechanisms.- Some theoretical remarks on solar oscillations.- Five minute oscillations as a probe of the solar interior.- Sensitivity of five minute eigenfrequencies to the structure of the sun.- How deep is the solar convection zone?.- Nonradial oscillations of solar models with an initial discontinuity in hydrogen abundance.- Nonradial oscillations with high ?-values.- Time-varying gravitational multipole moments corresponding to nonradial solar oscillations.- Perturbations in gravitational potential associated with solar oscillations.- Observational tests of pulsation theory in the solar envelope.- On the study of global oscillations of the sun via fluctuations in the solar limb darkening function.- Sensitivity to the applied boundary conditions of the solar eigenfrequency spectrum with periods near five minutes.- Solar oscillations interacting through a mean field.- The anisotropic radiation field approximation and its effect on wave equation solutions in the solar photosphere.- The observational properties of the ZZ Ceti stars.- Theoretical aspects of nonradial oscillations in white dwarfs: A summary.- The periods of ZZ Ceti variables.- Twelve Minute light variations in the peculiar star HD 101065.- On the definition of canonical energy density and of canonical energy flux for linear and adiabatic oscillations of a spherical star.- Properties of nonradial stellar oscillations.- On mode interaction of nonradial oscillations.

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書名 Nonradial and nonlinear stellar pulsation : proceedings of a workshop held at the University of Arizona in Tucson, March 12-16, 1979
著作者等 Dziembowski, W. A.
Hill, Henry Allen
Hill H.A.
シリーズ名 Lecture notes in physics
出版元 Springer-Verlag
刊行年月 1980
ページ数 viii, 497 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 3540099948
NCID BA00648278
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言語 英語
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