Chemical reactions in organic and inorganic constrained systems

edited by R. Setton

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Les Bezards, France, June 24-28, 1985"

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  • Chiral, Size and Shape Recognition of Guests by Modified Cyclodextrin.- 6A6X-Disulfonates of Cyclodextrins.- Attempts to Mimic Enzymes - Report from the Battle Front.- Weak Forces in Mixed Chelate and Macrocyclic Systems.- Zeolites: Their Characteristic Structural Features.- Rhodium and Iridium Carbonyl Complexes Entrapped in Zeolites. Structural and Catalytic Properties.- Shape Selective Alkylation Reactions over Medium-Pore High Silica Zeolites.- Zeolite-Induced Selectivity in the Conversion of the Lower Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids.- Selectivity Induced by the Void Structure of Zeolite-Beta and Ferrierite in the Hydroconversion Reaction of N-Decane.- Coke Formation on Protonic Zeolites: Rate and Selectivity.- Acid-Catalyzed Reactions for the Characterization of the Porous Structure of Zeolites.- Pillared Clays: Synthesis and Structural Features.- Pillared Montmorillonite and Beidellite. Acidity and Catalytic Properties.- Intracrystalline Complexation by Crown Ethers and Cryptands in Clay Minerals.- Selectivity Induced by Heterogeneous Conditions in the Alkylation of Anionic Reagent.- The Reactions in Clays and Pillared Clays.- Preparative Organic Chemistry Using Clays.- Clay Catalyzed Ene-Reactions
  • Synthesis of ?-Lactones.- Photoinduced Charge Separation at Inorganic and Organic Interfaces.- A Comparison of the Forward and Back Photoelectron Transfers in Direct and Reverse Micelles.- Effect of Microemulsions on Photochemical Reactions.- Energetical and Geometrical Constraints on Adsorption and Reaction Kinetics on Clay Surfaces.- Reactions between Acidic Microemulsions and Calcium Carbonate.- Photochemical Reactions at the Air-Water Interface Investigated with the Reflection Method.- Geometrical and Electronic Constraints in Redox Intercalation Systems.- Transition Metal Bronzes: Properties and Reactivity.- Crystalline Silicic Acids.- The Behaviour of Some Alkali Metal Graphite Compounds Towards Sundry Reagents.- Mechanism of the Catalytic Gasification and Reactivity of Graphite.- Reactivity of Hydrocarbons on Contact with the Solid Superacid: First Stage Antimony Pentafluoride Intercalated Graphite.- An Example of Crystalline Growth in a Constrained Medium: The Intercalation of Metals and Metallic Alloys into Graphite.- Order-Disorder Phenomena in Graphite Intercalation Compounds and Reduction Reactions in Alkali Metal-Intercalated Compounds of Graphite.

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書名 Chemical reactions in organic and inorganic constrained systems
著作者等 NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Chemical Reactions in Organic and Inorganic Constrained Systems
North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Scientific Affairs Division
Setton, R.
Setton R.
シリーズ名 NATO ASI series
出版元 D. Reidel;Sold and distributed in the U.S.A. and Canada by Kluwer Academic Publishers
刊行年月 c1986
ページ数 xxi, 452 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9027721750
NCID BA00547474
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ