Mathematics in biology and medicine : proceedings of an international conference held in Bari, Italy, July 18-22, 1983

edited by V. Capasso, E. Grosso, S.L. Paveri-Fontana


  • I. - Population Genetics and Ecology.- Invited Papers.- The role of diffusion in mathematical population biology: Skellam revisited.- The dynamics of structured populations: some examples.- Mathematical problems in the description of age structured populations.- Contributed Papers.- Models for mutual attraction and aggregation of motile individuals.- A problem on invariant manifolds arising in population genetics.- On a mathematical problem arising in cell population biology.- The external memory of intertidal molluscs:a theoretical study of trail-following.- Stationary distributions for populations subject to random catastrophes.- A nonlinear diffusion equation in phytoplankton dynamics with self-shading effects.- A model of aphid population with age structure.- On two-population models with switching depletion.- On some nonlinear diffusion models in population dynamics.- Reduction of the gene Flow of a "neutral" linked gene due to the partial sterility of heterozygotes for a chromosome mutation.- Predator-mediated coexistence of competing species in a Volterra model.- On a nonlinear problem arising from interaction of algae with light.- II. - Epidemics.- Invited Papers.- Congenital rubella syndrome (C.R.S.): models of disease control by vaccination.- A simulation model for the control of helminth diseases by chemotherapy.- Models for endemic diseases.- Stochastic epidemics as point processes.- Contributed Papers.- A computer simulation program for the assessment of multistate epidemiological models of infectious diseases.- Mathematical model of hepatitis B.- Models of the interaction of host genotypes and infectious disease.- On the general epidemic model in discrete time.- Control of virus transmission in age-structured populations.- Parameter estimation and validation for an epidemic model.- Local stability in epidemic models for heterogeneous populations.- III. - Resource Management.- Invited Papers.- Bayesian methods in ecology and resource management.- Contributed Papers.- Stochastic differential equation models of fisheries in an uncertain world: extinction probabilities, optimal fishing effort, and parameter estimation.- IV. - Physiology and Medicine.- Invited Papers.- Experiment designs identification of simple and complex models of endocrine-metabolic systems.- A mathematical model for cardiac electric sources and related potential fields.- Mathematical analysis of immobilized enzyme systems.- Contributed Papers.- Modeling controls and variability of the cell cycle.- The phase resetting characteristics of endogenously active neurones.- Theory of DNA superhelicity.- Determination of DNA synthesis rate in cell populations with locally exponential S-phase influx.- A numerical study for a cell system.- Experimental validation of a mathematical procedure for the analysis of flow cytometric data.- A stochastic model for describing the space-time evolution of the extreme values of cardiac potentials on the chest surface.- Statistical analysis of the coding capacity of complementary DNA strands.- Mass transport across multimembrane systems: a general analysis.- Time hierarchy in oscillating metabolic systems.- Modeling of the interaction between ligands and cell membrane receptors in the presence of exogenous electric fields.- Balance of growth models of cell populations: the significance of simple mathematical considerations.- The age structure of populations of cells reproducing by asymmetric division.- Numerical simulation of reentry of the activation wave in the heart hiss bundle.- Hopf bifurcation and the repetitive activity of excitable cells.- Nonlinear evolution equations with a convolution term involved in some neurophysiological models.- Investigation of rapid metabolic reactions in whole organs by multiple pulse Labelling.- Cross-linking of identical particles by multiple ligand-types.- Enumeration of RNA secondary structures by complexity.- Growth of cell populations.- V. - Compartmental Analysis.- Invited Papers.- A staging process with applications in biology and medicine.- On the use of residence time moments in the statistical analysis of age-dependent stochastic compartmental systems.- An algorithm for reconstruction of count rate curves from total counts.- Contributed Papers.- On identifiability of linear compartmental systems: some results obtained by means of structural properties of the associated graph.- Compartmental vs, noncompartmental modeling of ketone body kinetics.- Identifiability of compartmental models: on characterization of two extremal types of input-output experiments.- VI. - General Mathematical Methods.- Invited Papers.- Estimation techniques for transport equations.- Stability of delay differential equations with applications in biology and medicine.- Existence of quasi-solutions of systems of nonlinear elliptic BVP's suggested by biochemical reactions.- Diffusion approximations and first passage time problems in population biology and neurobiology.- Contributed Papers.- The role of exchangeability in biology, genetics and medicine.- Cyclic chemical systems: an asymptotic stability criterion.- On existence, uniqueness and attractivity of stationary solutions to some quasilinear parabolic systems.- Asymptotic estimates for principal eigenvalues.- Remarks on the connection between positive feedback and instability in regard to model selection in population biology.- Lyapunov methods for a wide class of stochastic models in biology.- Existence and uniqueness for a non linear Cauchy problem of hyperbolic type.- Catastrophe theory in biology.- S-system analysis of biological systems.

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書名 Mathematics in biology and medicine : proceedings of an international conference held in Bari, Italy, July 18-22, 1983
著作者等 Capasso, Vincenzo
Grosso, E.
Paveri-Fontana, S. L.
Paveri-Fontana Stefano L.
Grosso Enea
シリーズ名 Lecture notes in biomathematics
出版元 Springer-Verlag
刊行年月 c1985
ページ数 xviii, 524 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 3540152008
NCID BA00489742
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言語 英語
出版国 ドイツ