Proceedings of groups -- St. Andrews 1985

edited by E.F. Robertson and C.M. Campbell

This book contains selected papers from the international conference Groups - St Andrews 1985. Five leading group theorists - Bachmuth, Baumslag, Neuman, Roseblade and Tits - have presented survey articles based on short lecture courses given at the conference and the rest of the book comprises both survey and research articles contributed by other conference speakers. The many articles with their wealth of references demonstrate the richness and vitality of modern group theory and its many connections with other area of mathematics. The book will prove invaluable to both experienced researchers and new postgraduates whose interests involve group theory.

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  • Introduction
  • 1. Automorphisms of solvable groups: I S. Bachmuth
  • 2. Automorphisms of solvable groups: II H. Y. Mochizuki
  • 3. A survey of groups with a single defining relation G. Baumsslag
  • 4. Some algorithms for computing with finite permutation groups P. M. Neumann
  • 5. Five lectures on group rings J. E. Roseblade
  • 6. Buildings and group amalgamations J. Tits
  • 7. Finite presentability of S-arithmetic groups H. Abels
  • 8. Efficient presentations of GL (2, Z) and PGL (2, Z) F. R. Beyl and G. Rosenberger
  • 9. The commutator map R. Brandl
  • 10. Polynomial functions and representations H. K. Farahat
  • 11. On questions of Brauer and Feit P. A. Ferguson
  • 12. The Picard group and the modular group B. Fine
  • 13. Factor groups of the lower central series of free products of finitely generated abelian groups A. M. Gaglione and H. V. Waldinger
  • 14. Lattice ordered groups - a very biased survey A. M. W. Glass
  • 15. Totally orthogonal finite groups L. C. Grove and K. S. Wang
  • 16. One-relator products of groups J. Howie
  • 17. The Cavicchioli groups are pairwise non-isomorphic D. L. Johnson and R. J. Thomas
  • 18. Congruence and non-congruence subgroups of the modular group: a survey G. A. Jones
  • 19. Small cancellation theory with non-homogeneous geometrical conditions and application to certain Artin groups A. Juhasz
  • 20. The Lie algebra associated to the lower central series of a group J. P. Labute
  • 21. Algebraically closed locally finite groups F. Leinen
  • 22. On power-commutative and commutation transitive groups F. Levin and G. Rosenberger
  • 23. Dimension function for discrete groups A. Lubotsky
  • 24. Coset graphs R. C. Lyndon
  • 25. Nilpotent quotient algorithms I. D. Macdonald
  • 26. Generators of p-groups A. Mann
  • 27. On the matrix groups associated to the isometrics of the hyperbolic plane E. Martinez
  • 28. A characteristic subgroup of N-stable groups D. Perez Ramos
  • 29. The isomorphism problem for integral group rings of finite nilpotent groups K. W. Roggenkamp and L. L. Scott
  • 30. Embedding the root group geometry of 2F4(q) J. Sarli
  • 31. On generalised Frobenius complements C. M. Scoppola
  • 32. Subgroups of finite index in soluble groups: I D. Segal
  • 33. Subgroups of finite index in soluble groups: II D. Segal
  • 34. Some interconnections between group theory and logic T. Tollis
  • 35. Groups covered by abelian subgroups M. J. Tomkinson
  • 36. Embeddings of infinite permutation groups J. K. Truss
  • 37. Maximal subgroups of sporadic groups R. A. Wilson.

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書名 Proceedings of groups -- St. Andrews 1985
著作者等 Campbell, Colin Matthew
Robertson, E. F
Hitchin N.J.
Robertson E. F.
シリーズ名 London Mathematical Society lecture note series
出版元 Cambridge University Press
刊行年月 1986
ページ数 358 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 0521338549
NCID BA00357570
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス