Communism in Russia

edited, with introduction, notes and original translations, by Robert V. Daniels


  • The evolution of the communist mind in Russia. Part 1 Leninism and the Bolshevik Party, to 1917: Lenin as a Marxist - what the "Friends of the People" are and how they fight the Social-Democrats (1894)
  • the foundation of the Russian Marxist Party - manifesto of the Russian Social-Democratic Workers' Party (1898)
  • Lenin's theory of the Party - what is to be done? (1902)
  • Lenin on the Party split - one step forward, two steps back (May, 1904)
  • Marxist reactions to Lenin - Rosa Luxembourg - Leninism or Marxism (1904)
  • organization of the Bolshevik faction - resolution of the twenty-two (August, 1904)
  • Lenin on the Revolution of 1905 - two tactics of social-democracy in the Democratic Revolution (July, 1905)
  • Trotsky on "Permanent Revolution" - results and prospects (1906)
  • Lenin on Democratic Centralism - freedom of criticism and unity of action (June, 1906)
  • Bogdanov's philosophical revision of Marxism - empiriomonism (1905-6)
  • Lenin's philosophical orthodoxy - materialism and empiriocriticism (1908)
  • the 1909 purge of the Bolshevik left Wing - communique on the conference, resolution on Otzovism and ultimatism
  • the ultra-Left on Lenin's compromises - declarations of the "Forward" group (1910) - Bogdanov, "Letter to All Comrades", "Letter to Our Bolshevik Comrades"
  • Lenin on national self-determination - the right of Nations to self-determination (1914
  • Lenin on the uneven prospects of revolution - the United States of Europe slogan (August, 1915)
  • Bukharin on the Imperialist state - on the theory of the Imperialist state (1916). Part 2 The Bolshevik Revolution, 1917-1921: Lenin's return to Russia - on the tasks of the proletariat in the present Revolution (April 7 [22],1917)
  • Lenin on the Soviets - on the dual power (April 9 [22],1917)
  • Lenin's vision of the revolutionary state - the state and revolution (August-September, 1917)
  • Lenin's call for an uprising - Marxism and insurrection (September 13-14 [26-27],1917)
  • the declaration of revolutionary intent - Trotsky - declaration of the Bolshevik fraction (October 7 [20],1917)
  • the decision to seize power - resolution of the central committee, on the armed uprising (October 10 [23],1917)
  • Bolshevik opposition to the insurrection - statement by Zinoviev and Kamenev (October 11 [24],1917)
  • the military-revolutionary committee
  • triggering the uprising - circular of the military-revolutionary committee (October 24[November 6],1917), minutes of the Bolshevik central committee (October 24 [November 6],1917)
  • (part contents).

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書名 Communism in Russia
著作者等 Daniels, Robert Vincent
Daniels Robert V.
シリーズ名 A Documentary history of Communism
出版元 Tauris
刊行年月 1985
ページ数 xxxviii, 432 p
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 1850430055
NCID BA00132694
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言語 英語
原文言語 多言語
出版国 イギリス

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