Time, its structure and role in physical theories

Peter Kroes


  • I. Physical time and the problem of its structure.- I.1 Introduction.- I.2 The order structure of time.- I.2.1 Partial and total order relations.- I.2.2 Newtonian case: total temporal order.- I.2.3 Einsteinian case: partial temporal order.- I.2.4 Cosmic time functions.- I.2.5 Causal theories of time.- I.3 The topological structure of time.- I.3.1 Time and the topology of spacetime.- I.3.2 Discrete versus continuous time.- I.3.3 Temporal orientability.- I.4 The metrical structure of time.- I.4.1 Clocks in Newtonian and Einsteinian physics.- I.4.2 A geometrical interpretation of the twin paradox.- I.4.3 The Unity of Time.- I.5 Conclusion.- Notes.- II. The geometrical nature of physical time: parameter time and coordinate time.- II.1 Introduction.- II.2 Parameter and coordinate.- II.3 Parameter and coordinate time in Newtonian physics.- II.3.1 Newtonian space and time: absolute time as parameter.- II.3.2 Newtonian spacetime: absolute time as parameter and coordinate.- II.4 Parameter and coordinate time in Einsteinian physics.- II.4.1 Relativistic space and time: proper time as parameter.- II.4.2 Relativistic spacetime: proper time and coordinate time.- II.4.3 Parameter and coordinate time in the general theory of relativity.- II.5 The geometrical nature of time in quantum mechanics.- II.6 Translation of the space and time into the spacetime formalism and vice versa.- II.7 The geometrical nature of time and dynamics.- II.8 Parameter versus coordinate time in the study of time
  • some philosophical issues.- Notes.- III. Time asymmetry.- III.1 Arrow of time: time asymmetry and time flow.- III.2 Time asymmetry.- III.2.1 A probabilistic conception of time asymmetry.- III.2.2 Discussion of probabilistic time asymmetry.- III.3 (Ir)reversibility and the time reversal operator T*.- III.3.1 Time reversal.- III.3.2 (Ir)reversibility and time reversal invariant laws.- III.3.3 The time reversal operator T*.- III.3.4 (Ir)reversibility arrl levels of description.- III.3.5 T*-violation in elementary particle physics.- III.4 Time asymmetry and temporal orientability.- Notes.- IV. Thermodynamical time asymmetry and the second law of phenomenological thermodynamics.- IV. 1 Introduction.- IV. 1.1 Different kinds of time asymmetry.- IV. 1.2 The origin of thermodynamic time asymmetry.- IV. 2 The mechanical program.- IV.2.1 Boltzmann's deterministic H-theorem and the reversibility objections.- IV.2.2 The time symmetrical statistical H-theorem.- IV.2.3 Thermodynamic time asymmetry and human observation.- IV.2.4 Thermodynamic time asymmetry and open systems.- IV. 3 The thermodynamical program.- IV.3.1 Mechanics as a special case of thermodynamics.- IV.3.2 Complementarity between mechanics and thermodynamics.- IV. 4 Discussion.- Notes.- Epilogue.- Name index.

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書名 Time, its structure and role in physical theories
著作者等 Kroes, Peter
Roes P.K.
シリーズ名 Synthese library
出版元 D. Reidel Pub. Co.
Sold and Kluwer Academic
刊行年月 c1985
ページ数 xxiv, 227 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 9027718946
NCID BA00017798
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ

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