The Journal of the College of Science, Imperial University, Japan = Teikoku Daigaku kiyō. Rika  VOL.7


  • Vol.VII.,Pt.1.
  • The Manufacture of Calomel in Japan.By E.DIVERS,M.D.,F.R.S.,Professor,Imperial University.(With Plates I-III.) / 1
  • Oximidosulphonates or Sulphazotates.By E.DIVERS,M.D.,F.R.S.,and T.HAGA,F.C.S.,Rigakuhakushi / 15
  • Constitution of Glycocoll and its Derivatives.(Appendix:General theory and Nomenclature of Amido‐acids.)By J.SAKURAI.F.C.S.,Rigakuhakushi,Professor of Chemistry,Imperial University / 87
  • Vol.VII.,Pt.2.
  • On the After‐shocks of Earthquakes.By F.ŌMORI,Rigakushi.(With Plates IV-XIX) / 111
  • Vol.VII.,Pt.3.
  • Mesozoic Plants from Kōzuke,Kii,Awa,and Tosa.By MATAJIRŌ YOKOYAMA,Rigakushi,Rigakuhakushi,Professor of Palaeontology,Imperial University.(With Plates XX-XXVIII.) / 201
  • On some Organic Remains from the Tertiary Limestone near Sagara,Tōtōmi.By KYU,NISHIWADA.(With Plates XXIX.) / 233
  • Vol.VII.,Pt.4.
  • Mercury and Bismuth Hypophosphites.By SEIHACHI HADA,Rigakushi,College of Science,Imperial University / 245
  • The Acid Sulphate of Hydroxylamine.By EDWARD DIVERS,M.D.,F.R.S.,Professor,Imperial University / 249
  • Decomposition of Sulphates by Ammonium Chloride in Analysis according to Fresenius.By MASUMI CHIKASHIGE,Rigakushi,College of Science,Imperial University / 251
  • Ewart Johnstone's Way to prepare Nitric Oxide.By MASUMI CHIKASHIGE,Rigakushi,College of Science,Imperial University / 253
  • The Acidimetry of Hydrogen Fluoride.By TAMEMASA HAGA,F.C.S.,Rigakuhakushi,Assistant Professor,and Yūkichi Osaka,Rigakushi,Imperial University / 255
  • On the Poisonous Action of Alcohols upon Different Organisms.By M.TSUKAMOTO,Nōgakushi / 269
  • Formulae for sn 9u.By O.SUDŌ / 283
  • Formulae for sn 10u,cn 10u,dn 10u in terms of sn u.By E.SAKAI,Student,College of Science,Imperial University / 285
  • The Diagram of the semi‐destructive Earthquake of June 20th,1894(Tōkyō).By S.SEKIYA,Rigakuhakushi,Professor of Seismology,and F.ŌMORI,Rigakushi,Imperial University / 289
  • Vol.VII.,Pt.5.
  • Beitrage zur Theorie der Bewegung der Erdatmosphare und Wirbelsturme.Von DIRO KITAO,Dr.Phil.,Professor fur Physik und Mathematik an der landwirthschaftlichen Facultat der Kaiserlichen Universitat zu Tōkyō / 293



書名 The Journal of the College of Science, Imperial University, Japan = Teikoku Daigaku kiyō. Rika
著作者等 Teikoku Daigaku (Japan)
書名別名 Teikoku Daigaku kiyō. Rika
巻冊次 VOL.7
刊行年月 明治28
言語 英語