Annual report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics  1939

"Including Technical reports";United States Govrnment Printing Office 1934-1940年刊 の複製



  • No.645. Correction of Temperatures of Air-Coolcd Engine Cylinders for Variation in Engine and Cooling Conditions.By Oscar W.Schey,Benjamin Pinkel,and Herman H.Ellerbrock,Jr.,N.A.C.A / 49
  • No.646. The Compressibility Burble and the Effect of Compressibility on Pressures and Forces Acting on an Airfoil.By John Stack,W.F.Lindsey,and Robert E.Littell,N.A.C.A / 73
  • No.647. Tests of N.A.C.A.0009,0012,and 0018 Airfoils in the Full-Scale Tunnel.By Harry J.Goett and W.Kenneth Bullivant,N.A.C.A / 97
  • No.648. Design Charts for Predicting Downwash Angles and Wake Characteristics Behind Plain and Flapped Wngs.By Abe Silverstein and S.Katzoff N.A.C.A / 107
  • No.649. The"Pack"Mcthod for Compressive Tests of Thin Specimens of Materials Used in Thin-Wall Structures.By C.S.Aitchison and L.B.Tuckerman,National Bureau of Standards / 133
  • No.650. The Aerodynamic Characteristics of Six Full-Scale Propellers Having Different Airfoil Sections.By David Biermann and Edwin P.Hartman,N.A.C.A / 145
  • No.651. Downwash and Wake Behind Plain and Flapped Airfoils.By Abe Silverstein,S.Katzoff,and W.Kenneth Bullivant,N.A.C.A / 179
  • No.652. Air Flow in the Boundary Layer of an Elliptic Cylinder.By G.B.Schubauer,National Bureau of Standards / 207
  • No.653. A Study of Air Flow in an Engine Cylinder.By Dana W.Lee,N.A.C.A / 227
  • No.654. General Airplane Performance.By W.C.Rockerfeller,California Institute of Technology / 241
  • No.655. The Knocking Characteristics of Fuels in Relation to Maximum Permissible Performance of Aircraft Engines.By A.M.Rothrock and Arnold E.Biermann,N.A.C.A / 267
  • No.656. The Column Strength of Two Extruded Aiuminum-Alloy H-Sections.By William R.Osgood and Marshall Holt,National Bureau of Standards and Aluminum Company of America / 289
  • No.657. The Influence of Directed Air Flow on Combustion in a Spark-Ignition Engine.By A.M.Rothrock and R.C.Spencer,N.A.C.A / 313
  • No.658. Tests of Two Full-Seale Propellers With Ditieront Pitch Distributions,at Blade Angles Up to 60°.By David Biermann and Edwin P.Hartman,N.A.C.A / 327
  • No.659. Effect of Service Stresses on Impact Resistance,X-Ray Diffraction Patterns,and Microstructure of 25S Aluminum Alloy.By J.A.Kies and G.W.Quick,National Bureau of Standards / 343
  • No.660. Experimental Investigation of the Momentum Method for Determining Profile Drag.By Harry J.Goett,N.A.C.A / 365
  • No.661. Tests in the Variable-Density Wind Tunnel of the N.A.C.A.23012 Airfoil With Plain and Split Flaps.By Ira H.Abbott and Harry Greenberg,N.A.C.A / 373
  • No.662. Design of N.A.C.A.Cowlings for Radial Air-Cooled Engines.By George W.Stickle,N.A.C.A / 383
  • No.663. The Effect of Continuous Weathering of Light Metal Alloys Used in Aircraft.By Willard Mutehler,National Bureau of Standards / 395
  • No.664. Wind-Tunnel Investigation of an N.A.C.A.23012 Airfoil With Various Arrangements-of Slotted Flaps.By Carl J.Wenzinger and Thomas A.Harris,N.A.C.A / 423
  • No.665. Calculation of the Aerodymanic Characteristics of Tapered Wings with Partial-Span Flaps.By Henry A.Pearson and Raymond F.Anderson,N.A.C.A / 455
  • No.666. Aircraft Rate-of-Climb Indicators.By Daniel P.Johnson,National Bureau of Standards / 473
  • No.667. Determination of the Profile Drag of an Airplane Wing in Flight at High Reynolds Numbers.By Joseph Bicknell,N.A.C.A / 483
  • No.668. Wind-Tunnel Investigation of N.A.C.A.23012,23021,and 23030 Airfoils With Various Sizes of Split Flap.By Carl J.Wenzinger and Thomas A.Harris,N.A.C.A / 493
  • No.669. Airfoil Section Data Obtained in the N.A.C.A.Variable-Density Tunnel as Affected by Support Interference and Other Corrections.By Eastman N.Jacobs and Ira H.Abbott,N.A.C.A / 507
  • No.670. Tensile Elastic Properties of 18:8 Chromum-Nickel Steel as Affected by Plastic Deformation.By D.J.McAdam,J.,and R.W.Mebs,National Bureau of Standards / 539
  • No.671. A Theoretical Study of the Moment on a Body in a Compressible Fluid.By Carl Kaplan,N.A.C.A / 581
  • No.672. Freen-Spinning Wind-Tunnel Tests of a Low-Wing Monoplane With Systematic Changes in Wings and Tails-IV.Effect of Center-of-Gravity Location.By Oscar Seidman and A.I.Neihouse,N.A.C.A / 599
  • No.673. Experimental Verification of the Theory of Oseillating Airfoils.By Abe Silverstein and Upshur T.Joyner,N.A.C.A / 619
  • No.674. Cooling on the Front of an Air-Cooled Engine Cylinder in a Conventional Engine Cowling.By M,J.Brevoort and U.T.Joyner,N.A.C.A / 625
  • No.675. Effects of Elevator Nose Shape,Gap,Balance,and Tabs,on the Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Horizontal Tail Surface.By Harry J.Goett and J.P.Reeder,N.A.C.A / 639
  • No.676. Surface Heat-Transfer Coefficients of Finned Cylinders.By Herman H.Ellerbrock,Jr.,and Arnold E.Biermann,N.A.C.A / 651
  • No.677. Wind-Tunnel Investigation of an N.A.C.A.23021 Airfoil With Various Arrangements of Slotted Flaps.By Carl J.Wenzinger and Thomas A.Harris,N.A.C.A / 665
  • No.678. Interference of Tail Surfaces and Wing and Fuselage From Tests of 17 Combinations in the N.A.C.A.Variable-Density Tunnel.By Albert Sherman,N.A.C.A / 689
  • No.679. Wind-Tunnel Investigation of an N.A.C.A.23012 Airfoil With a Slotted Flap and Three Thpes of Auxiliary Flap.By Carl J.Wenzinger and William E.Gauvain,N.A.C.A / 699
  • No.680. The Effect of Nacelle-Propeller Diameter Ratio on Body Interference and on Propeller and Cooling Characteristics.By James G.McHugh and Eldridge H.Derring,N.A.C.A / 727



書名 Annual report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
著作者等 アメリカ合衆国航空諮問委員会
巻冊次 1939
出版元 Bunseisha
刊行年月 昭和19
ページ数 6冊
大きさ 27cm
言語 英語
出版国 日本