Annual report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics  1936

"Including Technical reports";United States Govrnment Printing Office 1934-1940年刊 の複製



  • No.542. Potential Flow about arbitrary Biplane Wing Sections.By I.E.Garrick / 47
  • No.543. Tank Tests of N.A.C.A.Model 40 Selles of Hulls for Small Flying Boats and Amphibians.By John B.Parkinson and John R.Dawson / 77
  • No.544. Combustion in a Bomb with a Pnel-Injection System.By Mildred Cohn and Robert C.Spencer / 107
  • No.545. Effects of Air-Fuel Ratio on Fuel Spray and Flame Formation in a Compression-Ignition Engine.By A.M.Rothrock and C.D.Waldron / 119
  • No.546. The Effect of Turbulence on the Drag of Elat Plates.By G.B.Schubauer and H.L.Dryden / 129
  • No.547. Wind-Tunnel Interference with Particular Reference to Off-Center Positions of the Wing and to the Downwash at the Tail.By Abe Silverstein and James A.White / 135
  • No.548. Effect of Tip Shape and Dihedral on Lateral-Stability Characteristics.By Joseph A.Shortal / 149
  • No.549. Wind-Tunnel Investigation of the Aerodynamic Balancing of Upper-Surface Ailerons and Split Flaps.By Carl J.Wenzinger / 159
  • No.550. Cooling Characteristics of a 2-Row Radial Engine.By Oscar W.Schey and Vern G.Rollin / 177
  • No.551. Aircraft Compass Characteristics.By John B.Peterson and Clyde W.Smith / 187
  • No.552. Wind-Tunnel Tests of 10-Foot-Diameter Auto-giro Rotors.By John B.Wheatley and Carlton Bioletti / 199
  • No.553. Some Effects of Argon and Helium upon Explosions of Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen.By Ernest F.Fiock and Carl H.Roeder / 213
  • No.554. Wind-Tunnel Investigation of Ordinary and Split Flaps on Airfoils of Different Profile.By Carl J.Wenzinger / 223
  • No.555. Air Flow around Finned Cylinders.By M.J.Brevoort and Vern G.Rollin / 237
  • No.556. Further Studies of Flame Movement and Pressure Development in an Engine Cylinder.By Charles F.Marvin,Jr.,Armistead Wharton,and Carl H.Roeder / 251
  • No.557. Preliminary Tests in the N.A.C.A.Free-Spinning Wind Tunnel.By C.H.Zimmerman / 265
  • No.558. Turbulence Factors of N.A.C.A.Wind Tunnels as Determined by Sphere Tests.By Robert C.Platt / 283
  • No.559. The Fmees end Moments Acting on Parts of the XN2Y-1 Airplane during Spins.By N.F.Scudder / 305
  • No.560. A Simpllfied Application of the Method of Oper-ators to the Calculation of Disturbed Motions of an Airplane.By Robert T.Jones / 313
  • No.561. Effect of Nozzle Design on Fuel Spray and Flame Fornation in a High-Speed Compression-Tgnicion Engine.By A.M.Rothrock and C.D.Waldron / 327
  • No.562. Air Ftow m the Boundary Layer Near a Plate.By Hugh L.Dryden / 339
  • No.563. Calculated and Measured Pressure Distributions over the Midspan Section of the N.A.C.A.4412 Alnfoil By Robert M.Pinkerton / 365
  • No.564. Tests of a Wing-Nacelle-Propeller Combination at Several Pitch Settings up to 42°.By Ray Windler / 381
  • No.565. Measurements of Fuel Distribution within Sprays for Fuel-Injection Engines.By Dana W.Lee / 389
  • No.566. Ground-Handling Forces on a 1/40-Scale Model of the U.S.Airship"Akron."By Abe Silverstein and B.G.Gulick / 405
  • No.567. Propulsion of a Flapping and Oscillating Airfoil.By I.E.Garrick / 419
  • No.568. The Quiescent-Chamber Type Compression-Ignition Engine.By H.H.Foster / 429
  • No.569. Wing-Nacelle-Propeller Interference for Wings of Various Spans Force and Pressure-Distribution Tests.By Russel G.Robinson and William H.Herrnstein,Jr / 449
  • No.570. The Effect of Lateral Controls in Producing Motion of an Airplane as Computed from Wind-Tunnel Data.By Fred E.Weick and Robert T.Jones / 465
  • No.571. Pressure Distribution over a Rectangular Airfoil with a Partial-Span Split Flap By Carl J.Wenzinger and Thomas A.Harris / 491
  • No.572. Determination of the Characteristics of Tapered Wings.By Raymond F.Anderson / 503
  • No.573. Aerodynamic Characteristics of N.A.C.A.23012 and 23021 Airfoils with 20-Percent-Chord External-Airfoil Flaps of N.A.C.A.23012 Section.By Robert C.Platt and Ira H.Abbott / 523
  • No.574. Pressure Distribution over an Airfoil Section with a Flap and Tab.By Carl J.Wenzinger / 543
  • No.575. Interference of Wing and Fuselage from Tests of 28 Combinations in the N.A.C.A.Variable-Density Tunnel.By Albert Aherman / 555
  • No.576. Aireraft Accidents Method of Analysis.Roport Prepared by Comnittec on Aireraft Accidents / 565



書名 Annual report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
著作者等 アメリカ合衆国航空諮問委員会
巻冊次 1936
出版元 Bunseisha
刊行年月 昭和18
ページ数 6冊
大きさ 27cm
言語 英語
出版国 日本