Reference series  no.284-326


  • Contents
  • 284 Text of Statement Broadcast by Malik on"the Price of Peace"
  • 285 Text of President's Address in Tennessee at Dedication of Air Research Center.
  • 286 Texts of Truman Communications on Ending of War With Germany.
  • 287 Text of Wilson's Address Warning of Inflation Dangers and Need for Controls.
  • 288 Texts of Korean Truce Statements.
  • 289 Text of Dulles Statement on Draft Japanese Peace Treaty.
  • 290 Text of Three-Power Treaty to Safeguard Pacific.
  • 291 U.S.Note to Soviet on Japanese Treat.
  • 292 Text of Secretary Acheson's Address at Opening of Detroit's 250th Anniversary.
  • 293 Text of Communists' Reply.
  • 294 Some Reflections on Russian-American Relations.
  • 295 Text of Address by MacArthur Before Massachusetts Legislature in Boston.
  • 297 An Estimate of the Present World Situation by Secretary Acheson.
  • 298 Chief Points Made in Statement by Eight Republican Senators on Macarthur he Arings:Senators Denounce our Far Eastern Policy and the Loss of Friendly China.
  • 299 Text of Truman Speech at Detroit's 250th Anniversary Celebration.
  • 300 Texts of Notes Exchanged by India and U.S.on Peace Treaty.
  • 301 Statements by Truman,Robinson and Warren at Opening of Japanese Peace Parley.
  • 302 Text of Proposed Rules of Procedure for Peace Parley.
  • 303 Text of Ex-President Hoover's Speech.
  • 304 Texts of Statements at Signing of U.S.Philippines Pact and the Text.
  • 305 President Urges Inform People of U.S.Friendship.
  • 306 Text of Address by Dulles on Parley on Japanese Peace Treaty.
  • 307 Text of Talk by Governor Dewey Before V.F.W.
  • 308 Tripartite Security Treaty Text between Australia,New Zeland,and the U.S.of America.
  • 309 Democracy Must Keep Constant Guard for Freedom.
  • 310 Text of the U.S.Note to the Soviet Union on the Japanese Peace Treaty.
  • 311 Text of Gromyko's Statement on the Peace Treaty.
  • 312 British and American Addresses at the Conference.
  • 313 Bilateral Security Agreement and Remarks by Yoshida and Acheson.
  • 314 Texts of Statements Issued at Signing of Tripartite Security Pact.
  • 315 Text of Truman's Talk at Luncheon of Democrats in San Francisco.
  • 317 The New International Economic Challenge.
  • 320 $3,039,000,000 Paid by Japan to Date,
  • 319 Text of Dulles Reply to the Soviet Charges Against Japanese Peace Treaty.
  • 321 The Soviet Propaganda Machine.
  • 322 Text of N.A.T.O.Communique.
  • 323 Truman Expounds New Security Rules.
  • 324 Text of Triman's Address on Constitution.
  • 325 Text of Truman Message Asking Publicity for Officials'Incomes.
  • 326 Text of Dewey's Address at the Bar Association's Convention Here.



書名 Reference series
著作者等 Japan. Gaimushō. Tōakyoku. Dai 2-ka
巻冊次 no.284-326
言語 英語