The Wakabayashi rule for fault tracing


  • CHAPTER I. The Probability of Slip of Hanging Wall / 2
  • A. The necessary assumptions in describing faults.
  • B. The envelope of the fissure caused by the lateral pressure.
  • C. The direction of the pressure that caused the fault,and the resulting displacement.
  • D. Displacement due to gravity.
  • E. The probability of displacement of the hanging wall,and the length of that displacement.
  • F. Locus of displacement of the hanging wall.
  • G. Formula for the probability of the fault slip.
  • CHAPTER II. The Striation Phenomenon / 11
  • A. The phenomena of striations.
  • B. The varieties of striations.
  • C. Pseudo striations.
  • CHAPTER III. Overlap Zone and Gap Zone of Vein / 15
  • CHAPTER IV. Rule for Fault Tracing / 20
  • Explanation of the rules.
  • CHAPTER V. Classification of Faults / 23
  • CHAPTER VI. A Comparison of the Various Fault Exploring Rules / 44
  • A. The results with the various rules with respect to the kind of fault.
  • B. Comparison of probabilities of the various cases of faults.
  • C. Comparison of probabilities of success and failure with the various rules.
  • CHAPTER VII. Comparison of the Rules with Practical Examples / 53



書名 The Wakabayashi rule for fault tracing
著作者等 若林 弥一郎
刊行年月 1941
言語 英語