Proceedings of the ... Pacific Science Congress / Pacific Science Association  NINTH VOLUME 19

Imprint varies with each volume: Tokyo, Japan, 1966;Title varies slightly;Meeting of the Anthropology Division of the 8th congress held in conjunction with the 4th Far-Eastern Pre-history Congress



  • Editor's Note / 1
  • Abbreviations / 2
  • Participants / 3
  • Standing Committee Report / 1
  • MEINKOTH,NORMAN A.,A Preliminary Report on a Collection of Littoral Invertebrates from the Vicinity of the Chulalongkorn University Marine Biological Station / 2
  • TAYLOR,EDWARD HARRISON,Some Factors Influencing Distribution and Speciation in the Lizard Genus Eumces(Abstract) / 5
  • Symposium on Ecology and Pacific Distribution of the Giant African Snail with Special Reference to the Measures that are being taken for its Control
  • MEAD,ALBERT R.,A Prognosis in the Problem of the Giant African Snail(Achatina fulica Bowdich) / 7
  • PETERSON,JR.,GEORGE D.,Studies on Control of the Giant African Snail on Guam(Abstract) / 11
  • Symposium on Present Status of our Scientific Knowledge of Rodent Pest in the Pacific Area with Special in the Control of Rats and of Plague
  • SEARLE,A.G.and DHALIWAL,S.S.,The Rats of Singapore Island / 12
  • WATSON,J.S.,Rats in New Zealand:A Problem of Interspecific Competition / 15
  • STRECKER,ROBERT L.,Pacific Island Rat Ecology Project(Abstract) / 18
  • HARRISON,J.L.,Ecology of the Forms of Rattus Rattus in the Malay Peninsula / 19
  • CHRISTIAN,JOHN J.and DAVIS,DAVIDE.,The Biological Basis of Rodent Control / 25
  • CLARK,R.J.Observations on the Rat Infestation of Cotabato,the Philippines / 34
  • QUAN,S.F.,KARTMAN,L.and PRINCE,F.M.,Recent Ecological Studies on Plague in Wild Rodents in Northern San Mateo County,California / 44
  • KARTMAN,LEO,An Insecticide‐Bait Box Method for Plague Control in Certain Areas of the Pacific Region / 49
  • GROSS,BERTRAM,Observations on Rodent Plague in Hawaii(Abstract) / 53
  • THAINEUA,MALI,Plague in Thailand(Abstract) / 54
  • Symposium on Contributed Papers in Zoology
  • UMESAO,TADAO,Japanese Expeditionary Activities in Biological Sciences in Postwar Asia / 55
  • KAWAMURA,SYUNZO,Field Studies on the Social Life of Primates in Japan / 60
  • LIANG,HSU‐MU,Cycle Changes of Mouse Epidermal Cellular Population in Correlation with the Hair Follicular Activity / 66
  • BRONGERSMA,L.D.,Zoological Exploration of Netherlands New Guinea / 68
  • MUNROE,EUGENE,Geography and Systematic Research / 72
  • GURJANOVA,EUPRAXIE,Comparative Research of Biology of the Littoral in the Far Eastern Seas / 75



書名 Proceedings of the ... Pacific Science Congress / Pacific Science Association
著作者等 Pacific Science Congress
Pacific Science Association
書名別名 Proceedings
出版元 s.n.
刊行年月 1961
言語 英語