Toward "Principia mathematica", 1905-08

Bertrand Russell ; edited by Gregory H. Moore

This volume of Bertrand Russell's Collected Papers finds Russell focused on writing Principia Mathematica during 1905-08. Eight previously unpublished papers shed light on his different versions of a substitutional theory of logic, with its elimination of classes and relations, during 1905-06. A recurring issue for him was whether a type hierarchy had to be part of a substitutional theory. In mid-1907 he began writing up the final version of Principia, now using a ramified theory of types, and eleven unpublished drafts from 1907-08 deal with this. Numerous letters show his thoughts on the process. The volume's 80-page introduction covers the evolution of his logic from 1896 until 1909, when volume I of Principia went to the printer.

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  • Introduction Part 1: No-classes theories and substitutional theories 1905 - 06 1. The Theory of Implication [1905-06] 2. On Some Difficulties in the Theory of Transfinite Numbers and Order Types [1905-06] 3. Early Work on the Substitutional Theory [1905] 4. Developing the Substitutional Theory [1906-07] 5. Two Drafts on Substitution [1906] 6. A Paper Withdrawn from Publication [1906] 7. Logic in Which Propositions Are Not Entities [1906] 8. On the Functional Theory of Propositions, Classes and Relations [1906] 9. The Paradoxes of Logic [1906] 10. Multiplicative Axiom [1906] 11. The Paradox of the Liar [1906] 12. List of Propositions [1906] Part 2: Theories of Truth 1906 - 08 13. Two Reviews of Joachim [1906] 14. On the Nature of Truth [1907] 15. The Nature of Truth [1907] 16. William James's Conception of Truth [1908] Part 3: From substitutional theories to the ramified theory of types 1906 - 08 17. Corrections Required in PresentWork [1906] 18. Early Drafts on the Theory of Types [1906-08] 19. Fundamentals [1907] 20. The RegressiveMethod of Discovering the Premises of Mathematics [1907] 21. "If" and "Imply", A Reply to Mr.MacColl [1908] 22. Mathematical Logic as Based on the Theory of Types [1908] 23. Partial Drafts of Principia Mathematica [c.1908] Part 4: Reviews on foundations of mathematics 24. M. Poincare's Science et hypothese [1906] 25. Two Reviews of MacColl [1906] 26. Review of Pastore, Logica formale dedotta dalla considerazione di modelli meccanici [1906] 27. The Study of Logic [1906] 28. Two Reviews of Meinong [1906-07] 29. Mr. Haldane on Infinity [1908] Part 5: Other philosophical reviews and writings 30. Is Reason Irrational? [1906] 31. Metaphysics for the Man of Action [1907] 32. Spinoza'sMoral Code [1907] 33. Newton's Philosophy [1908] 34. Determinism and Morals [1908] 35. Review of Essays, Philosophical and Psychological, in Honor of William James [1908] 36. A Reply to Dr. Schiller [1908] Appendices Index

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書名 Toward "Principia mathematica", 1905-08
著作者等 Moore, Gregory H.
Russell, Bertrand
シリーズ名 The collected papers of Bertrand Russell
出版元 Routledge
刊行年月 2014
ページ数 c, 954 p., x, [1] p. of plates
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9780415820981
NCID BB14669364
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス