Moscow's hand in the Far East, by F. Mödlhammer; translated from German


  • Editorial Foreword
  • Author's Preface
  • Introductory Letters
  • Chap.I. The Russian nationalist anti‐Bolshevik movement in Siberia under the rule of Admiral Kolchak.The Political intrigues of the great Powers prepare for Bolshevik penetration in the Far East.American‐Japanese opposition of interests in the Pacific sphere saves the tertius gaudens-Red Moscow. / 1
  • II. Collapse of the anti‐Bolshevik fighting front of Admiral Kolchak due to betrayal by the Allied Entente Powers.Kolchak's delivery to the Bolsheviks by his own allies.Penetration of the Bolsheviks into the Far Eastern sphere.Japan stands alone against the Soviet Star / 8
  • III. Japanese‐Bolshevik friction in Nikolsk Ussurisk.The armed collision of the Japanese army with the Bolsheviks in the Russian Maritime Province.Incidents of the fight for the disarming and annihilatio of the Red troops
  • Bolshevik reign of terror in the Amur Province.The annihilation of the town of Nikolaevsk on the Amur.Massacre of the Japanese colony and garrison.Set‐back of the anti‐Bolshevik movement in the Maritime Province.Japan evacuates Siberia / 12
  • IV. Moscow's policy of expansion in Manchuria and China.Manchuria under Marshal Chang Tso‐lin.Seizure of the Bolshevik Embassy in Peking by Chang Tso‐lin.Borodin‐Grusenberg,Commissar for the Bolshevization of China.Collapse of the Soviet attempts to Bolshevize China.Death of Chang Tso‐lin. / 25
  • V. The Chinese Eastern Railway as the next point‐d'appui of Moscow in China.Pre‐Bolshevik history of the railway.Russo‐Chinese intrigues and Struggles / 40
  • VI. Moscow actively intervenes in the struggle for the railway.Bolshevik high‐priests in Manchuria and Peking.The Chinese General and Soviet spy,Yan Chow.Soviet treaty with Peking,May 31,1924.Moscow's intrigues up to the conclusion of the Treaty of Mukden,October,1924. / 47
  • VII. Bolshevik railway administratros.Arrest and imprisonment of the former national Russian railway administration by Chinese officials.Soviet"Nationalism."The railway serves the Bolsheviks as a curtain behind which to carry on the struggle against Chang Tso‐lin for the Bolshevization of China.Revolt of General Kwo Sun‐lin against the Marshal.Japan's intervention.Kwo Sun‐lin's defeat and end.The attitude of the Soviets during this struggle.Their mistaken policy.Execution of General Yan Chow.The Bolshevik railway‐chief Ivanoff made powerless by the Chinese. / 59
  • VIII. Death of Chang Tso‐lin.Assumption of power by the"Young Marshal"Chang Hsueh‐liang.His policy of independence.Increasing ferment.Sino‐Soviet conflict.The Protocol of Habarovsk.Execution of the General Chief of Staff,Yang Yue‐ting.Growth of Bolshevik influence in Manchuria.Chang Hsueh‐liang allies himself with the Nanking Government.Anti‐Japanese policy in Manchuria. / 69
  • IX. Sept.18,1931:Japan attacks Chang Hsueh‐liang.Panic in Manchuria and among the Bolsheviks.Increasing Chinese opposition.Action of the League of Nations.The Lytton Commission.Occupation of entire Manchuria by Japan.The Bolsheviks stir up great agitations of the Chinese against Japan.Liquidation of the insurrections.Bolshevik sabotage against Japan.Japan leaves the League of Nations.Liquidation of Chang Hsueh‐liang and occupation of Jehol.Foundation of the Manchurian Empire.Japanese‐Bolshevikfrictions.Retreat of Soviet Russia before Japan.Sale of railway.The Bolsheviks withdraw from Manchuria. / 80
  • X. The Empire of Manchoukuo,the barrier against the Bolshevization of China.Japan's vital interests in a healthy non‐Bolshevistic China.Bolshevik Outer Mongolia,Moscow's door to the Chinese sphere.German‐Japanese analogies.The world‐political alternative:Rising Sun or Soviet Star as the symbol of power in the Far East.World interests and Japan's hegemony in the Far East.At the parting of the ways. / 95
  • XI. The circumstances which led to the search of the Soviet Embassy in Peking and the resulting seizure of the official Bolshevik documents. / 104
  • XII. Moscow's machinations in China in the light of the official Bolshevik documents seized in the domiciliary visitation of the Soviet Embassy at Peking on April 6,1927. / 109
  • XIII. Communistic propaganda and Bolshevik machinations against the Chinese Government in the light of the Peking official documents of the Soviet Embassy there. / 127
  • XIV. Moscow's hand in the anti‐foreign disorders in China / 142
  • XV. Conclusion:the German‐Japanese Agreement for defense against Bolshevism.The action of Chang Hsueh‐liang in Sian‐fu.Bolshevist imperialism versus world peace.The non‐Bolshevistic world confronted by the inexorable uncompromising alternative"for"or"against." / 151
  • Supplement / 159



書名 Moscow's hand in the Far East, by F. Mödlhammer; translated from German
著作者等 Mödlhammer, Franz Ludwig
刊行年月 [1938]
言語 英語