Reference series  no.177-239


  • Contents
  • 177 Text of Truman Address on the State of the Union.
  • 178 John Foster Dulles and His Foreign Policy.
  • 179 Text of President's Address on"Great Danger"Facing the Nation.
  • 180 Text of Dulles'Plea for United Countering of Red Aggression.
  • 181 Truman's Proclamation of the Existence of a National Emergency.
  • 182 Text of Hoover's Speech on Preserving the Western Hemisphere.
  • 183 Text of Acheson's Year-End Review of Foreign Relations.
  • 184 Text of President's Economic Message to Congress Setting Mobilization Program Goal.
  • 185 Text of Statements by Marshall and Mrs.Rosenberg on Draft and Defense Manpower.
  • 187 Text of Eisenhower's Report to Congress on West Europe's Defense.
  • 188 Text of Eisenhower's Radio Report to Nation.
  • 190 Text of Soviet Reply to France on 4-Power Talks.
  • 191 Japan and the Crisis in Asia.
  • 196 Text of Truman Redistricting Statement.
  • 197 Excerpts from Senate Foreign Policy Speeches by Connally,Mcfarland,Lodge,Knowland.
  • 198 Text of Wilson's Speech Calling for Imposition
  • 207 Texts of Notes on Big Four Talks.
  • 212 Text of Marshall Statement on Sending More
  • 216 Text of Wilson's Broadcast on Stepped-Up Production Potential.
  • 217 Text of U.S.Note to Soviet Russia on Four Power Foreign Ministers Meeting.
  • 218 Text of White House Statement on Government Securities and Credit Policies.
  • 219 Text of Trumen Radio Address on Red Cross.
  • 221 Text of Labor Policy Committee's Statement on Quitting Defense Agencies.
  • 222 Text of Order on Escalator Wage Rises.
  • 223 Text of White House Statement on Funds for Defense.
  • 224 Text of Acheson's and Bradley's Statements on Troops-for-Europe issue.
  • 225 Text of Senate Troops-for-Europe Resolution.
  • 227 Text of Regulation Easing Wage Freeze.
  • 228 The Road Ahead in Collective Defense of Free Nations.
  • 229 The Turn of the Tide.
  • 230 American and the Russian Future.
  • 231 Text of Summary of Report by Nelson Rockefeller Board on World-Wide Aid Program.
  • 232 The Strategy of Freedom in Asia.
  • 233 The Fallacy of a"Preventive War"by Ambassador Philip C.Jessup.
  • 234 Text of Major Resolutions Signed by Foreign Ministers or the Americas.
  • 235 Text of Truman's Letter to a Group of Senators on World Desarmament Policy.
  • 236 Text of the Report by Peron on"Controlled"Atomic Energy.
  • 237 Address by John Foster Dulles.
  • 238 Address of Truman and Neves da Fontoure at Americas Parley.
  • 239 Text of Acheson's Address Before Americas'Council of Foreign Ministers.



書名 Reference series
著作者等 Japan. Gaimushō. Tōakyoku. Dai 2-ka
巻冊次 no.177-239
言語 英語