Special reports on educational subjects  VOLUME 1


  • 1. Public Elementary Education in England and Wales,1870-1895.By Messrs.M.E.Sadler and J.W.Edwards. / 1
  • 2. English Students in Foreign Training Colleges By Miss L.Manley,Principal of the Stockwell Training College
  • Miss Williams,President of the Franco‐English Guild,Paris,and Lecturer at the Ecole Normale Superieure at Fontenay‐aux‐Roses
  • and Mr.H.L.Withers,Principal of the Borough Road Training College,Isleworth. / 72
  • 3. Brush Work in an Elementary School(with illustrations)By Mr.Seth Coward,Head Master of the Alma Road Board School,London. / 101
  • 4. The A B C of Drawing:an inquiry into the principles underlying elementary instruction in drawing(with illustrations).By Mr.Ebenezer Cooke. / 115
  • 5. Domestic Economy Teaching in England By Mrs.Pillow,Examiner in Domestic Science Subjects to the London Technical Education Board,the Joint Scholarships Board,the City and Guilds Technological Institute,the University Colleges of Wales, and the National Training School of Cookery. / 157
  • 6. Technical Education for Girls By Miss A.J.Cooper,late Head Mistress of the Girls'High School,Edgbaston,Tutor to the Women Student under the Scheme of the Oxford University Delegacy of Local Examinations for the Training of Teachers in Secondary Schools. / 187
  • 7. The Secondary Day School attached to the Battersea Polytechnic,London-an experiment in the co‐education of boys and girls.By Mr.Sidney H.Wells,Principal of the Battersea Polytechnic. / 196
  • 8. The History of the Irish System of Elementary Education By Mr.M.E.Sadler / 211
  • 9. The National System of Education in Ireland By The Right Hon.C.T.Redington,D.L.,Commissioner of National Education in Ireland. / 241
  • 10. Recent Legislation on Elementary Education in Belgium By Messrs.M.E.Sadler and R.L.Morant. / 258
  • 11. The Housewifery Schools and Classes of Belgium By Miss K.S.Block and Miss L.Brackenbury. / 273
  • 12. The French System of Higher Primary Schools By Mr.R.L.Morant,Assistant Director of Special Inquiries and Reports. / 287
  • 13. The Realschulen in Berlin,and their bearing on modern Secondary and Commercial Education.By Mr.M.E.Sadler. / 375
  • 14. The Ober‐Realschulen of Prussia,with special reference to the Ober‐Realschule at Charlottenburg.By Mr.M.E.Sadler. / 435
  • 15. The Prussian Elementary School Code Translated by Mr.A.E.Twentyman,Brasenose College,Oxford. / 470
  • 16. The Continuation Schools in Saxony By Mr.F.H.Dale,Fellow of Merton College Oxford,formerly Tutor at Borough Road Training College,Isleworth. / 481
  • 17. The School Journey in Germany By Miss C.L.Dodd,Training Department,Owens College,Manchester. / 512
  • 18. The Teaching of the Mother Tongue in Germany By Mr.F.H.Dale,Fellow of Merton College,Oxford,formerly Tutor at Borough Road Training College,Isleworth. / 535
  • 19. Holiday Courses in France and Germany for Instruction in Modern Languages.By Messrs.F.S.Marvin,one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools,and R.L.Morant. / 579
  • 20. Recent Educational Progress in Denmark(with maps)By Mr.J.S.Thornton. / 587
  • 21. Education in Egypt By Mr.P.A.Barnett,one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools. / 615
  • 22. The Education of Girls and Women in Spain By Senor don Fernando de Arteago,Taylorian Teacher of Spanish in the University of Oxford. / 628
  • 23. The National Bureau of Education of the United States By Mr.R.L.Morant. / 647
  • 24. The History of the Manitoba School System and the Issues of the Recent Controversy.By Mr.R.L.Morant. / 658
  • 25. Arrangements for the admission of Women to the chief Universities in the British Empire and in foreign countries.By Mr.M.E.Sadler,with the help of Mr.J.W.Longsdon. / 689
  • 26. Appendix giving a list of the chief official papers bearing on Education in Great Britain and Ireland.Prepared by Mr.M.E.Sadler. / 720



書名 Special reports on educational subjects
著作者等 Great Britain. Board of Education
Great Britain. Education Dept
巻冊次 VOLUME 1
言語 英語