Special reports on educational subjects  VOLUME 3


  • 1. The National Organisation of Education of all grades as practised in Switzerland.By Mr.R.L.Morant,Assistant Director of Special Inquiries and Reports. / 1
  • 2. Problems in Prussian Secondary Education for Boys,with special reference to similar questions in England.By Mr.M.E.Sadler. / 83
  • 3. "The Curricula and Programmes of Work for Higher Schools in Prussia."Translated by Mr.W.G.Lipscomb,Assistant‐Master in University College School,London,and Hon.Sec.of the Modern Language Association. / 253
  • 4. The Higher Schools of the Grand Duchy of Baden
  • their development and organisation.By Mr.H.E.D.Hammond,Assistant‐Master in the Edinburgh Academy. / 322
  • 5. Stromungen auf dem Gebiet des Schul‐ und Bildungswesens in Deutschland.Von Professor Dr.W.Rein in Jena. / 415
  • 6. Tendencies in the Educational Systems of Germany.-(A translation of Professor Rein's paper).By Mr.F.H.Dale,of the Education Department. / 438
  • 7. The Teaching of Modern Languages in Frankfurt a/M and District,with some account of the Frank‐furter Lehrplane of 1892.By Mr.Fabian Ware,Assistant‐Master in Bradford Grammar School. / 461
  • 8. The Teaching of Modern Languages in Germany.By Miss Mary Brebner,Travelling Scholar of the Gilchrist Trust. / 481
  • 9. The Teaching of Foreign Languages.By Professor Dr.Emil Hausknecht,Director of the 12th Realschule,Berlin(translated by Mr.Harold W.Atkinson,Assistant‐Master at Rossall School). / 499
  • 10. The Teacher of Modern Languages in Prussian Secondary Schools for Boys.His education and professional training.By Mr.Fabian Ware,Assistant‐Master in Bradford Grammar School. / 519
  • 11. Higher Commercial Education in Antwerp,Leipzig,Paris,and Havre.By Mr.M.E.Sadler. / 554
  • 12. The Present Position of Manual Training in Germany.By Dr.Otto W.Beyer,of Leipzig‐Gohlis(translated by Mr.A.E.Twentyman,of the Education Department). / 627
  • 13. The Secondary Schools of Sweden By Dr.Otto Gallander,of Hudiksvall. / 649
  • 14. Elementary Education in the Grand Duchy of Finland.By the Baron Dr.Yrjo‐Koskinen,Director of the Training College at Jyvœskylœ. / 672



書名 Special reports on educational subjects
著作者等 Great Britain. Board of Education
Great Britain. Education Dept
巻冊次 VOLUME 3
言語 英語