The Complement System

Edited by Rother, K.; Edited by Till, Gerd O.; Edited by Hansch, Gertrud M.

The complement system plays a key role in host defense functions and inflammatory reactions. This book provides the present state-of-the-art of the theoretical fundamentals and basic biochemical features of the complement system, its activation and regulation. The biological functions are also discussed in the context of more complex conditions, e.g. host defense, chronic inflammation and graft rejection. This is a thorough revision of the 1988 edition, with additional chapters addressing the progress made in the understanding of the interconnection of the complement system and other mediator systems, especially with cellular receptors. The immunopathology section has been expanded, and a chapter on diagnostic procedures and their interpretation has been added.

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  • 1 Components and Reactivity.- 1.1 Components.- 1.1.1 Factors of the Classical Pathway.- 1.1.2 Components of the Alternative Pathway.- 1.1.3 Late Components.- 1.2 Reactivity.- 1.2.1 Classical Pathway of Activation.- 1.2.2 Lectin Pathway of Non-self Recognition.- 1.2.3 Alternative Pathway: Activation and Regulation.- 1.2.4 Complement Attack Phase.- 1.2.5 Control Mechanisms.- Membrane Cofactor Protein (CD46) and Decay-Accelerating Factor (CD55).- Control of C5b-9 by Fluid Phase Factors.- Membrane-Bound Inhibitors of C5b-9.- Interspecies Incompatibilities of Complement Factors and of Regulators.- 1.3 Surface Receptors and Signaling Pathways.- 1.3.1 Receptor for C1q.- 1.3.2 Receptors for Human C3 Fragments.- 1.3.3 Receptors for C5a, C3a, and Factor H.- 2 Biologic Functions.- 2.1 Complement in the Induction of Antibody Response.- 2.2 Maintenance of Immune Complex Solubility and Immune Adherence.- 2.3 Interaction with Effector Cells.- 2.3.1 Leukocyte Mobilisation/Recruitment.- 2.3.2 Chemotactic Peptides.- 2.3.3 Cellular Responses to Activation Products.- 2.4 Host Defense Against Infection.- 2.4.1 Defense Against Bacteria.- 2.4.2 Complement-Dependent Virus Neutralization.- 2.4.3 Evasion of Complement-Mediated Damage by Microorganisms.- 2.5 Possible Role of Complement Regulators in Reproduction.- 2.6 Network Interactions of the Complement System with Other Serum Mediator Systems.- 3 Pathology.- 3.1 Complement Deficiencies in Animals: Impact on Biological Functions.- 3.2 Complement Deficiencies in Humans.- 3.2.1 Inherited and Acquired Deficiencies of C1 Esterase Inhibitor in Humans.- 3.2.2 Deficiencies in the Classiral Pathway.- 3.2.3 Deficiencies in the Alternative Pathway: Factors I and H.- 3.2.4 Deficiency in Terminal Reactivity.- 3.2.5 Deficiency in Lysis Control Proteins.- 3.2.6 C3 Receptor Deficiencies.- 3.3 C3 Nephritic Factor.- 3.4 Complement in Inflammation.- 3.5 Role of Complement in Graft Rejection.- 3.6 Complement Activation on Artificial Surfaces in Biomedical Therapies.- 3.7 Adverse Reactions to Drugs.- 4 Complement Manipulation In Vivo.- 5 The Clinical Laboratory: Testing the Complement System.

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書名 The Complement System
著作者等 Hansch, Gertrud M.
Till, Gerd O.
Rother, K.
出版元 Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. KG
刊行年月 2012.10.05
版表示 2nd ed. 1998. Softcover reprint of the original 2nd ed. 1998
ページ数 584p
大きさ H235 x W155
ISBN 9783642637117
言語 英語
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