Word-Formation and Creolisation : The Case of Early Sranan

By (author) Braun, Maria

This book presents a comprehensive account of the word-formation patterns of an English-based creole language, Sranan, as found in its earliest sources, and compares them with the patterns attested in the input languages. It shows that the emergence of the patterns involved a variety of sources and mechanisms and was characterised by the absence of superstrate derivational affixes, the use of free morphemes as derivational markers and of compounding as the major word-formation strategy. The findings render untenable theoretical accounts of creole genesis based on one explanatory factor.

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書名 Word-Formation and Creolisation : The Case of Early Sranan
著作者等 Braun, Maria
書名別名 The Case of Early Sranan
シリーズ名 Linguistische Arbeiten 517
出版元 Walter de Gruyter & Co.
刊行年月 2009.12.23
ページ数 316p
ISBN 9783119165501
ISSN 03446727
言語 英語
出版国 ドイツ