Replicating Vaccines : A New Generation

Edited by Dormitzer, Philip R.; Edited by Mandl, Christian W.; Edited by Rappuoli, Rino

Technological advances, together with a better understanding of the molecular biology of infectious microorganisms, are creating exciting possibilities for a new generation of replicating vaccines. Historically, live vaccines have been either directly derived from a natural source or attenuated by empirical approaches using serial passages and host cell adaptation. Currently, we are witnessing a quantum leap in our technological capabilities to specifically modify the genetic make-up of viruses and bacteria, making it possible to generate improved live vaccines and to develop completely new types of replicating vaccines, such as vectored vaccines, single-round infectious vaccines and replicon vaccines. This book highlights some of the most exciting recent developments towards a new generation of replicating vaccines.

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  • SECTION 1: Today's Live Attenuated Vaccines.- Live Vaccines and their Role in Modern Vaccinology.- Live Attenuated Vaccines: Influenza, Rotavirus and Varicella Zoster.- Classical Live Viral Vaccines.- SECTION 2: Genetically Attenuated Micro-Organisms as Vaccines.- Recombinant Live Vaccines to Protect Against the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus.- Live Attenuated Shigella Vaccines. Is encouraging good enough?.- New generation BCG vaccines.- SECTION 3: Manipulating Host-Pathogen Interactions to Make Vaccines.- Basic Science Paves the Way to Novel Safe and Effective Pestivirus Vaccines.- Live Attenuated Influenza Virus Vaccines: NS1 Truncation as an Approach to Virus Attenuation Approaches.- An Attenuated Herpes implex Virus 1 Live Virus Vaccine Candidate that is Replication Competent but Defective in Epithelial Cell to Cell and Neuronal Spread.- RSV Deletion Mutant - Innate Immunity.- Live Attenuated Cholera Vaccines: Flagella and Reactogenicity.- SECTION 4: New Types of Replicating Vaccines.- Replication-defective Herpes simplex Virus Mutant Strains as Genital Herpes Vaccines and Vaccine Vectors.- Nucleic Acid-Based Infectious and Pseudo-Infectious Flavivirus Vaccines.- Application of Cleavage Activation Mutants of Influenza Virus as Live Vaccines.- Alphavirus Particle-based Vaccine Vectors.- Recombinant, Chimeric, Live, Attenuated Vaccines against Flaviviruses and Alphaviruses.

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書名 Replicating Vaccines : A New Generation
著作者等 Mandl, Christian W.
Rappuoli, Rino
Dormitzer, Philip R.
書名別名 A New Generation
シリーズ名 Birkhauser Advances in Infectious Diseases
出版元 Springer Basel
刊行年月 2012.12.27
ページ数 465p
大きさ H235 x W155
ISBN 9783034803168
言語 英語
出版国 スイス