Swimming Against the Tide : The New Independent Christian Schools and Their Teenage Pupils

By (author) Baker, Sylvia

This book addresses an issue of considerable current interest and importance: what is and what should be the role of religion in the education process of a modern, secular society? The subject is tackled through an indepth investigation of a recently established network of small independent Christian schools. First, the controversy itself is examined: What are the arguments for and against faith-based schools in the unique setting of the United Kingdom? Subsequently, the schools themselves are introduced and the key issues are described in detail. The focus then shifts to the teenage population of the schools. Who are these young people? How do they think and what do they believe? These questions are answered by analysing the results of an extensive survey and, where possible, comparisons are made with the attitudes and beliefs of the wider population of British teenagers. The findings show that the young people in the new Christian schools hold different values from many of their peers, and it is argued that the differences are of a positive rather than a negative nature.

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  • Contents: 'Faith' schools: the controversy - The new Christian schools: their origins and history - The new Christian schools: why were they founded? - The new Christian schools: overwhelmed by the secular tide? - The teenage pupils of the new Christian schools: who are they? - The teenage pupils: what do they believe? - The teenage pupils and the creation/evolution controversy - The teenage pupils: what are their personal concerns? - The teenage pupils: how do they view their unusual schooling? - The teenage pupils: what are their views and values? - The teenage pupils: what of those with 'no religion'? - The survey findings: their wider implications.

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書名 Swimming Against the Tide : The New Independent Christian Schools and Their Teenage Pupils
著作者等 Baker, Sylvia
書名別名 The New Independent Christian Schools and Their Teenage Pupils
シリーズ名 Religion, Education and Values 4
出版元 Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften
刊行年月 2013.04.09
ページ数 259p
大きさ H225 x W150
ISBN 9783034309424
ISSN 22354638
言語 英語
出版国 スイス