Wearing the Trousers : The Grammar of Western Clothing 2

By (author) Tembouret, Mireille

As in a grammar book, this volume looks at the foundations and rules of the Western wardrobe. By exploring each garment with its functions that often called for extremely precise details, we have developed a teaching tool for the general public, using pieces from the author's enormous collection, to help understand the attraction and appeal of a specific garment. This second book, which focuses on breeches and trousers, offers secrets that were the foundation for what ended up as a social evolution - Wearing the Trousers. Both an introductory book and a reference document on the culture of fashion, this second book of the series looks at breeches and trousers from yesterday and today. It helps better understand the changes in these garments for men and especially for women, moving from ready-to-wear for the city to leisure activities.

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  • Culottes / Bloomers, Breeches, Riding breeches, Jodhpurs, Knickers, Motorcycle pants, Riding pants, Grandpa pants, Army pants, Harem pants, Bathing costume. Caual pants / Baggies, Battle dress pants, Bermudas, Cargo pants, Chaps, Chinos, Capri pants, Cycling pants, Ski pants, Jeans, Jogging pants, Leggings, Fisherman's pants, Bellbottoms, Overalls, Fatigue pants, Carpenter's pants. City pants / Breeches, Pegged pants, Cigarette pants, Chort jumpsuit, Pleated pants, Sailorman pants, Tuxedo pants, Flat pants, Wrapped pants...

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書名 Wearing the Trousers : The Grammar of Western Clothing 2
著作者等 Tembouret, Mireille
書名別名 The Grammar of Western Clothing 2
出版元 Esmod editions
刊行年月 2013.05.28
ページ数 128p
大きさ H280 x W200
ISBN 9782909617398
言語 英語
出版国 フランス