The Night Land

By (author) Hodgson, William Hope; Introduction by Davis, Erik

In the far future, an unnamed narrator, who along with what remains of the human race dwells uneasily in an underground fortress-city surrounded by brooding, chaotic, relentless Watching Things, Silent Ones, Hounds, Giants, "Ab-humans," Brutes, and enormous slugs and spiders, follows a telepathic distress signal into the unfathomable darkness. <br>The Earth's surface is frozen, and what's worse -- at some point in the distant past, overreaching scientists breached "the Barrier of Life" that separates our dimension from one populated by "monstrosities and Forces" who have sought humankind's destruction ever since. Armed only with a lightsaber-esque weapon called a Diskos, and fortified only by his sense of Honor, our hero braves every sort of terror en route to rescue a woman he loves but has never met. <br>Hodgson wrote in an archaic style that adds to the story's ever-mounting sense of uncanny anxiety. HiLoBooks' edition of his novel omits two sections which have until now prevented it from reaching a wider audience: the tale's romantic prefatory conceit and its lengthy, relatively uneventful denouement. Our otherwise unabridged version begins and ends with the most dramatic moments in this epic tale: chapters Two and Eleven.

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書名 The Night Land
著作者等 Davis, Erik
Hodgson, William Hope
シリーズ名 Radium Age Science Fiction 06
出版元 Hilobooks
刊行年月 2012.11.29
ページ数 256 ppp
大きさ H185 x W124
ISBN 9781935869603
言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国