Know Your Rights : Taxation, Social Welfare and Health

By (author) McCann, Andrew

Containing all changes to social welfare, taxation and health announced in Budget 2013, Know Your Rights: Taxation, Social Welfare and Health is a clear and uncomplicated guide to these systems in Ireland, so that you: * Know all of the budget changes that are relevant to you. * Can calculate your taxation and tax reliefs, depending on your employment and family situation. * Understand the system of tax credits and how it applies to you. * Know what family, work, health/illness payments apply to you. * Have a clear idea of the changes to eligibility for certain social welfare payments. Using a question-and-answer format in order to apply the information to real examples, Know Your Rights: Taxation, Social Welfare and Health is an essential annual guide for all households.

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  • Contents Introduction Chapter 1: Tax - How to Calculate and Reduce Your Tax Bill Budget 2013 - Income Tax Rates, Bands and Credits Universal Social Charge and Taxes Universal Social Charge (USC) Emergency Tax PRSI Health Levy and Private Health Insurance Self-Employment Income Tax Civil Partners Single Persons Single Parents Married Couples/Civil Partners (One Income) Married Couples/Civil Partners (Two Incomes) Single Assessment Joint Assessment Widow/Widower or Surviving Civil Partner Marginal Tax Relief Taxation on Social Welfare Payments Rent Relief Trade Union Expenses Medical Expenses Revenue Job Assistance Refuse Collection Rent-a-Room Scheme Childminding Relief Tax Relief for Disabled Drivers and Passengers Provision of Bicycles Tuition Fees Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT) Tax on Redundancy Dependent Relative Allowance Employing a Carer Incapacitated Child Allowance Blind Person's Tax Credit Tax Credits (Clothing) PAYE Online VRT (Vehicle Registration Tax) and Motor Tax Importing a Vehicle Tax Relief on Mortgages Stamp Duty (Property) Home Improvements/Home Heating Excise Duty Pensions Household Charge Local Property Tax Water Charges Septic Tank Charges Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Charitable Donations Tax Returns Domicile Levy Chapter 2: Social Welfare - A Simple Guide to How It Works Rates of Payment 2013 Eligibility for Social Welfare Payments Contribution-Based Payments Means-Tested Payments Occupational Injury Benefits Minimum Eligibility Payments (SWA) Universal Payments Multiple Social Welfare Payments Assessment for a Spouse, Partner or Civil Partner and/or Children Habitual Residence Special, Exceptional and Urgent Needs Payments Free Schemes Fuel Allowance Free Travel Household Benefits Package Living Alone Allowance Free Passport Free Driving Licence Other Information PPS Number Social Welfare Appeals Overpayment Reporting Fraud Home Help Chapter 3: Work and Education - Supports and Entitlements Unemployment Support Payments Jobseeker's Benefit Jobseeker's Allowance Help for the Self-Employed Education Enterprise Initiatives Employment and Educational Initiatives Employer Jobs (PRSI) Incentive Scheme JobBridge Work Placement Programme (WPP) Employer-Based Redundant Apprentice Rotation Scheme Work Activation SpringBoard MOMENTUM Programme Skillnets FIT (Fastrack to Information Technology) Tus Community Employment (CE) Local Authority Social Employment Scheme Chapter 4: Family - Supports and Entitlements Family Income Supplement One-Parent Family Payment Existing Claimants (prior to 27 April 2011) Existing Claimants (after 27 April 2011) New Claimants (since 3 May 2012) Case Study 1 Case Study 2 Child Benefit Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance School Transport Maternity Leave and Benefit Rent Supplement and Mortgage Interest Supplement Rent Supplement Assessment Example 1 Rent Supplement Assessment Example 2 Farm Assist Widow(er)'s or Surviving Civil Partner's Financial Supports Death Benefit Chapter 5: Illness, Disability and Carer's Supports Illness Payments Injury Benefit Disablement Benefit Illness Benefit Partial Capacity Benefit Invalidity Pension Disability Allowance Treatment Benefit Care Supports Home-Based Supports Assessment of Needs Mobility Allowance Blind Welfare Allowance Grants for House Improvements Disabled Person's Parking Card Primary Medical Certificate Carer's Payments Domiciliary Care Allowance Respite Care Grant Carer's Benefit Carer's Allowance Carer's Leave Medical and GP Visit Cards Medical Cards for the Over-Seventies Long-Term Illness Scheme and Drugs Payment Scheme European Health Insurance Card Accident and Emergency (A&E) and Hospital Charges National Patient Treatment Register Chapter 6: Pensions Widow(er)'s or Surviving Civil Partner's Pensions Contributory Pension Non-Contributory Pension State Pensions State Pension (Transition) State (Contributory) Pension State (Non-Contributory) Pension Additional Benefits

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書名 Know Your Rights : Taxation, Social Welfare and Health
著作者等 McCann, Andrew
書名別名 Taxation, Social Welfare and Health
シリーズ名 Know Your Rights
出版元 Orpen Press
刊行年月 2013.03.15
ページ数 349p
ISBN 9781909518261
言語 英語
出版国 アイルランド