The Democratic Imperative : The Reality of Power Relationships in the Nation State

By (author) Corfe, Robert

Democracy understood as people power, which is the only proper definition of the word, is put forward in this book as the panacea for resolving the most pressing issues of our time. But democracy as a practicable system hinges on many conditions which are seldom appreciated by our world leaders, international institutions, or relevant bodies of learning. The evolution of democracy as a system of government and way of life, and the problems to which the former gives rise is broadly discussed by the author. Of most significance are those situations, in both East and West, when democracy is ideologically used as a cover for ulterior purposes. It is powerfully argued that the left/right divide which for 200 years has served as the rationale for advancing social progress in sustaining democracy is now destroying it, as partly witnessed through the collapse of both party memberships and voting figures in most advanced industrial economies. This has occurred through the transformation of society and the world of work over the past 60 years, and has left our parliamentary representatives trapped in a time-warp of the past in their inability to meet the actuality of contemporary issues. It is clearly shown, through a variety of reasons, that democracy as an all-inclusive system of government is only workable within the nation state. This partly explains the crises of the EU, and the shortcomings of the UN's Security Council. The greatest threat to democracy, since it limits the power of the nation state to carry through electoral promises, is international finance and transnational corporations, which are unaccountable to any responsible authority and liable to bring economic catastrophe in their wake. This is a book which seeks to empower our national politicians, irrespective of party, so they may more effectively represent the interests of their electorates. A way must be found for our politicians to resolve their predicament, even though it may entail a shift in their attitudes and ideals.

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  • Preface page - i
  • The Need For The Democratic Imperative
  • page - 1
  • The Falsity And Consequences Of Democracy as an Ideology
  • page - 15
  • How Financial Power Came To Subjugate Democracy
  • page - 29
  • Why Democratic Government Is Only Viable Within The Nation State
  • page - 45
  • Cultural Factors Influencing Amity Or Aversion between Nation States
  • page - 60
  • The Nature Of Power In The Nation State And Society
  • page - 81
  • Democracy And The Free Egalitarian Society
  • page - 99
  • Democracy And Safeguarding National Integrity
  • page - 117
  • Achieving The Democratic Purpose
  • page - 136
  • Essay
  • On The Problem of Methodology
  • and
  • The Failings of Political Scholarship
  • page - 153
  • A guide to further reading
  • page - 217
  • page - 229.

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書名 The Democratic Imperative : The Reality of Power Relationships in the Nation State
著作者等 Corfe, Robert
書名別名 The Reality of Power Relationships in the Nation State
出版元 Arena Books
刊行年月 2013.04.22
ページ数 248p
大きさ H234 x W156
ISBN 9781909421141
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス