Sustainable Energy Options for Business

By (author) Wolfe, Philip

Most businesses' major environmental impact comes from energy usage -- an area which companies can influence directly. The upside is that a business's cheapest unit of energy is also the least damaging to the planet: the unit you don't use. Wolfe outlines the best options for reducing energy use and improving sustainability of energy supply, both of which are likely to have a huge positive impact on the profitability and environmental performance of your business.

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  • Introduction: Carbon and money * What do we mean by sustainable energy? * Energy trends and policy drivers * Energy and growth * International and national policy * Decarbonising national energy supplies * 2: Managing your energy options * Energy strategy and management * What you can't influence * What you can influence * How to decide where to start * Whose job is it anyway? * 3: Using energy smarter * Where's it all going? * Make energy visible * The 'negawatt' - a major cash cow * Other ways you might be warming * Sustainability drive
  • reading the label * Life cycle costing * Financial and moral support * 4: Using greener energy * Fuel switching * Buying green power * Bilateral contracts * 5: Generating sustainable electricity * What are the renewable electricity options? * How to choose between them * It doesn't have to be your building * What energy contribution is feasible? * Developing a renewable power project * Making renewable power pay * 6: Producing sustainable heat * Using renewable fuels * What are the renewable heat options? * Combined heat and power * Choosing your renewable heat system * What energy contribution is feasible? * Making renewable heat pay * 7: Indirect measures * Waste to energy * Smarter ways to get there * It's all about people * Working with suppliers and other stakeholders * Conclusion: Evaluating your options
  • getting some quick wins * Bibliography, links & references * Other publications worth reading * Regulatory incentives and legislation * Other useful organisations and websites * Further references in the text

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書名 Sustainable Energy Options for Business
著作者等 Wolfe, Philip
シリーズ名 DoShorts
出版元 Dō Sustainability
刊行年月 2013.03.21
ページ数 77p
ISBN 9781909293434
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス