Catalinas and Sunderlands on Lough Erne, Ireland in World War Two : The Aftermath of the Donegal Corridor

By (author) O'Loughlin, Joe

There is little doubt but that the granting of the use of the Donegal Corridor by the Eire Government, led by Taoiseach - Eamon deValera, more than compensated for not granting the use of the Irish Ports to Britain. The German air and U-boats bases in occupied France were within easy striking distance of the ports in the south and west coast of Ireland. If proof were needed the fact is that German planes dropped bombs in Wexford, Carlow and Dublin. Eire was severely and unjustly criticised for its stance of neutrality during World War 2. Never in military history was a neutral country known to have given so much assistance to a belligerent nation as Eire gave to Britain. Since the publication of my first book and the setting up of my website, I have got many messages from families requesting information on how their loved ones died. Thankfully with the help of my historian friends I have been able to provide them with the details required. Many students who have chosen the subject for their history examination have contacted me for information, thankfully they all got excellent results and so make the facts available for the next generation.

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  • Chapter 1 - Catalina AM266 Chapter 2 - Why Did Nana Cry Sunderland DW 110 Chapter 3 - A True Story of Sunderland NJ 175 Chapter 4 - Sunderland W3988 - Doonbeg, Co. Clare Chapter 5 - Sunderland W4036 and the Dolphin Family Chapter 6 - Norm Muffitt and the Fate of Catalina FP 120 Chapter 7 - Ground crews at Castle Archdale Chapter 8 - A New Zealander returns to Castle Archdale Photo Gallery Chapter 9 - An ex-RAF Officer visits Lough Erne Chapter 10- Relatives of crew members get history of crashes Chapter 11- Crashes at Lough Erne, the Donegal Corridor and Neutral Ireland Chapter 12- Lost at Sea - They Have No Known Graves Chapter 13- Short Bursts - A Canadian Journal Chapter 14- A Selection of Stories and Events Chapter 15- Crash Memorials and Letters of Appreciation Chapter 16- The Ports and Irish Neutrality Chapter 17- Kathleen Winters - Aviation Author with Roots in Donegal Conclusion

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書名 Catalinas and Sunderlands on Lough Erne, Ireland in World War Two : The Aftermath of the Donegal Corridor
著作者等 O'Loughlin, Joe
書名別名 The Aftermath of the Donegal Corridor
出版元 Choice Publishing
刊行年月 2013.03.15
ページ数 197p
大きさ H210 x W148
ISBN 9781909154193
言語 英語
出版国 アイルランド